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The story of Elizabeth Somerset, Duchess of Beaufort, who died in a riding accident and is said to haunt the grounds of Dower House.

In the grounds of Dower House in Bristol, the ruins of an obelisk mark the memory of Elizabeth Somerset, Duchess of Beaufort, who died in a riding accident in nearby Stoke Park while staying with her uncle, Norborne Berkeley, at Stoke Park in 1760.

On the same day in December every year, the ghost of the Duchess is said to be seen walking her estate, and occasionally the sound of hooves and a girl screaming can be heard at night.

Elizabeth Somerset nee Berkeley, Duchess of Beaufort

Elizabeth Somerset nee Berkeley, Duchess of Beaufort


2 thoughts on “Fallen Rider
  • 25th July 2013 at 12:00 am

    A Central London Pub

    Whilst the pub in question must for the moment remain nameless, the experiences whilst exploring the place cannot. A three-floored venue, straight out of a Dickens novel, this place delivered atmosphere by the shed-load! It wasn't until I reached the top floor though, that something made itself known. Initially, a loud sigh grabbed my attention over there, to my left. I knew I was alone on this floor, the room was small and suddenly a little claustrophobic. The sigh turned into a rasping breath, I looked in the direction of the sounds and my gaze steadied upon an old leather chair which promptly creaked at me. I turned to leave and immediately heard what I can only describe as monks singing I don't know why I think they were monks, that was the image that immediately came to mind when I heard it. It lasted maybe 5 seconds at most and it was coming from another small room to my right.

  • 17th June 2013 at 12:00 am

    ive been to the duchess and have experienced horrid things a women with her head snapped riding on her horse towards us and as we ran you herd leave me and you seen a little boy jumping of the tree into the lake


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