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First Published 18th January 2013, Last Updated by

It's that time of year again when the snow falls, schools close and big kids come out to play... This time we venture out in the Land Rover to exploring Wiltshire and Somerset in the snow

Heading off reasonably early in the morning in the Land Rover, Rob and myself went off exploring Wiltshire and Somerset in search of some snow.

We start off by heading out on the Wellsway towards Priddy, the highest village on the Mendips making a stop at Chew Valley lakes.

Castle Combe village in the Snow

Castle Combe village in the Snow

We then headed down a few lanes to explore Ebbor Gorge, Wookey Hole and Cheddar Gorge before heading back up to Bristol and Castle Combe and finally the abandoned airfield at RAF Charmy Down.

Snow Photography

A Flickr album by Tim Trott (103 photos)

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