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Published 15th November 2008 by

I have my Skyline back today after a long overdue service at Abbey Motorsport. As well as the standard service/winter check over and dyno time to double check safe running, I have also had a few new modifications fitted.

I have had Cusco front camber arms fitted to help bring the camber back to a more reasonable level (it has been running at -2.5° for a while now), and I have also had the Hicas system removed due to excessive play in the rear steering rack which was causing the back end to become unstable at high speeds. It also suffered from the "Skyline Wobble" where the back end would randomly wobble as the Hicas ECU became confused. No more worries now the whole system has been removed thanks to the Cusco Hicas removal kit. Saving quite a bit in weight as well, so I may get higher fuel economy (I may even get to 20 MPG!).

There were also a few other odds and ends to be fixed: a split gaiter, cam cover gasket and a water leak in the boot (Does every Jap car leak in the boot?). Most serious engine problem was old spark plugs, which were duly replaced with 6 Greddy Iridium Spark Plugs.

Overall power was 319bhp at the wheels; down 8hp from last year, not bad considering the only modification in between was fitting of a sports catalytic converter. Torque remains good at 304 ft-lbs. All figures measured at the wheel hubs using Abbey Motorsports Dynapack chassis dynamometer.

2 thoughts on “Another (expensive) Service at Abbey Motorsport
  • 27th December 2009 at 12:00 am

    alright mate since av had me R33 the back weels have bin locked with lockin bars am thinkin about removin them and havin the hicas system back is it worth havin?

    • 28th December 2009 at 12:00 am

      Hi mark,

      Taking the Hicas off was the best thing I did. Have you had the hicas removed or just locking bars? If its just the bars you may be able to remove them and feel the difference, but I chose to get rid of the lot (and save quite a bit of weight!)


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