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Published 25th October 2010 by

A guide to the new industrial ships in Eve Online, listing their cargo hold capacities and speciality capacity for both alpha and omega clones. This list also includes the surprising cargo capacity of non-industrial ships by race, useful for low-sec hauling or transporting high-value items in battleships.

Many people in EVE Online rely on manufacturing, hauling and trade to earn income. For this reason, it is important to maximise cargo hold capacity in order to move as much as possible as quickly as possible. This table shows the base capacity for each ship, and the maximum capacity with the relevant skills maxed out and all cargo hold optimisation rigs and modules fitted. Knowing what ships have the maximum cargo capacity is also handy if you are moving the home station, in order to move your assets more efficiently.

Cargo hold capacity can be maximised through the training of skills, racial Industrial skill gives a 5% bonus per level to capacity. This can further extend through the use of Expanded Cargohold II modules each giving a 27.5% bonus (whilst sacrificing structure and velocity). Even further capacity can be obtained through jury rigging with Cargohold Optimisation rigs, however, I do not have anywhere near enough ISK to fit all these ships with cargo rigs.

L1 = Base capacity, minimal skills no fittings

L5 = All skills level 5

M = All skills level 5 and fitted for maximum capacity (excluding rigs)

These values are correct as of the Citadel expansion.

FactionShipCargo HoldAmmo HoldMineral HoldPlanetary HoldOre Hold
AmarrBestowerL1: 4,800 m3
L5: 6,000 m3
M: 25,775 m3
GallenteIteron Mk VL1: 5,800 m3
L5: 7,250 m3
M: 24,428 m3
CaldariTayraL1: 7,300 m3
L5: 9,125 m3
M: 24,114 m3
MinmatarMammothL1: 5,500 m3
L5: 6,875 m3
M: 23,164 m3
CaldariBadgerL1: 3,900 m3
L5: 4,875 m3
M: 12,883 m3
MinmatarWreatheL1: 2,900 m3
L5: 3,625 m3
M: 12,214 m3
GallenteNereusL1: 2,700 m3
L5: 3,375 m3
M: 11,371 m3
AmarrSigilL1: 2,100 m3
L5: 2,625 m3
M: 11,276 m3
GallenteMiasmosL1: 550 m3
L5: 550 m3
M: 1,453 m3
000L1: 42,000 m3
L5: 63,000 m3
GallenteEpithalL1: 550 m3
L5: 550 m3
M: 1,453 m3
00L1: 45,000 m3
L5: 67,500 m3
GallenteKryosL1: 550 m3
L5: 550 m3
M: 1,453 m3
0L1: 43,000 m3
L5: 64,500 m3
MinmatarHoarderL1: 500 m3
L5: 500 m3
M: 1,036 m3
L1: 41,000 m3
L5: 61,500 m3
OREVentureL1: 50 m3
L5: 50 m3
M: 63 m3
000L1: 5,000 m3
L5: 5,000 m3
ORE CovetorL1: 350 m3
L5: 350 m3
M: 569 m3
000L1: 7,000 m3
L5: 7,000 m3
ORE ProcurerL1: 350 m3
L5: 350 m3
M: 569 m3
000L1: 12,000 m3
L5: 12,000 m3
ORE RetrieverL1: 450 m3
L5: 450 m3
M: 932 m3
000L1: 22,000 m3
L5: 27,500 m3
ORE HulkL1: 350 m3
L5: 350 m3
M: m3
000L1: 8,500 m3
L5: 8,500 m3
ORE SkiffL1: 350 m3
L5: 350 m3
M: m3
000L1: 15,000 m3
L5: 15,000 m3
ORE MackinawL1: 450 m3
L5: 450 m3
M: m3
000L1: 28,000 m3
L5: 35,000 m3
ORE OrcaL1: 30,000 m3
000L1: 50,000 m3
ORE RorqualL1: 40,000 m3
000L1: 250,000 m3

Highest Capacity Haulers

Bestower Cargo Hold Capacity - 25,775 m3 - Amarr Industrial V, 6x Expanded Cargohold II

Miasmos Ore Hold Capacity - 63,000 m3 - Gallente Industrial V

Epithal Planetary Commodities Capacity - 67,500 m3 - Gallente Industrial V

Kryos Mineral Hold Capacity - 64,500 m3 - Gallente Industrial V

Hoarder Ammo Hold Capacity - 61,500 m3 - Minmatar Industrial V

Surprising Capacities of non-Industrials

Need a little more fire power or more capacity for fittings? Try some of these different ships which make alternative haulers. Although not as high capacity as specialist industrial hulls, they make up for it either by the substantial addition of HP or the ability to add turrets or launchers for defence.

FactionClassShipCargo HoldFitting
AmarrFrigateMagnate1,057 m34x Expanded Cargo Hold II
MinmatarFrigateProbe829 m33x Expanded Cargo Hold II
GallenteFrigateImicus829 m33x Expanded Cargo Hold II
CaldariFrigateHeron650 m32x Expanded Cargo Hold II
GallenteCruiserExequror2,126 m36x Expanded Cargo Hold II
AmarrCruiserMaller2,062 m36x Expanded Cargo Hold II
CaldariCruiserMoa1,189 m34x Expanded Cargo Hold II
MinmatarCruiserScythe1,600 m35x Expanded Cargo Hold II
GallenteBattlecruiser Talos2,021 m35x Expanded Cargo Hold II
CaldariBattlecruiser Naga m3
MinmatarBattlecruiser Tornado m3
AmarrBattlecruiser Oracle m3
GallenteBattleship Megathron4,714 m38x Expanded Cargo Hold II
AmarrBattleship Apocalypse m3
CaldariBattleship Raven m3
MinmatarBattleship Typhoon m3
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    • 20th March 2021 at 3:09 pm

      Good Day.
      also dont forget that you can load cargo optimizations in the rigs slots, and dont forget the praxis battleship, its got a standard cargo m3 of 1200, with 7 X cargo expanders2 and 2 X cargo optimizations and 1 x lv 1 can bring it to 10.884m3

  • 11th January 2020 at 10:38 am

    Hi Tim, don't forget the Gnosis, with 5 Cargohold II, it's a surprising Cargo


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