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Published 21st October 2010 by

A guide to mining in EVE online showing each of the asteroid types, mining yields and spawn locations. You can use this chart to plan what to mine to get certain minerals.

Each type of asteroid in EVE Online relinquishes different types and amounts of raw materials used in construction. This Asteroid Ore Mining Cheatsheet shows which asteroids produce raw ores and where to find the asteroids.

Optimum ores are selected based on quantity per m3 and mining amount.

Veldspar41500000001.0 (All Space)
 • Concentrated Veldspar (+5%)43600000001.0 (All Space)
 • Dense Veldspar (+10%)45700000001.0 (All Space)
Scordite3461730000001.0 (All Space)
 • Condensed Scordite (+5%)3641820000001.0 (All Space)
 • Massive Scordite (+10%)3811900000001.0 (All Space)
Pyroxeres3512550050000.9 (Amarr, Caldari)
 • Solid Pyroxeres (+5%)3692653050000.9 (Amarr, Caldari)
 • Viscous Pyroxeres (+10%)3872755050000.9 (Amarr, Caldari)
Plagioclase107213107000000.9 (Gallente, Minmatar),
0.7 (Caldari)
 • Azure Plagioclase (+5%)113224113000000.9 (Gallente, Minmatar),
0.7 (Caldari)
 • Rich Plagioclase (+10%)118235118000000.9 (Gallente, Minmatar),
0.7 (Caldari)
Omber853408500000.7 (Gallente, Minmatar)
 • Silvery Omber (+5%)903609000000.7 (Gallente, Minmatar)
 • Golden Omber (+10%943809400000.7 (Gallente, Minmatar)
Kernite134026713400000.7 (Amarr),
0.4 (Caldari, Minmatar)
 • Luminous Kernite (+5%)141028114100000.7 (Amarr),
0.4 (Caldari, Minmatar)
 • Fiery Kernite (+10%)148029414800000.7 (Amarr),
0.4 (Caldari, Minmatar)
Jaspet003500758000.4 (Amarr, Gallente)
 • Pure Jaspet (+5%)003670788000.4 (Amarr, Gallente)
 • Pristine Jaspet (+10%)003850828000.4 (Amarr, Gallente)
Hemorphite22000010012015000.2 (Amarr, Gallente)
 • Vivid Hemorphite (+5%)23100010512616000.2 (Amarr, Gallente)
 • Radiant Hemorphite (+10%)24200011013217000.2 (Amarr, Gallente)
Hedbergite01100020010019000.2 (Amarr, Gallente)
 • Vitric Hedbergite (+5%)01155021010520000.2 (Amarr, Gallente)
 • Glazed Hedbergite (+10%)01270022011021000.2 (Amarr, Gallente)
Gneiss0220024003000000-0.4 (Amarr, Minmatar)
 • Iridescent Gneiss (+5%)0231025203150000-0.4 (Amarr, Minmatar)
 • Prismatic Gneiss (+10%)0242026403300000-0.4 (Amarr, Minmatar)
Dark Ochre10000001600120000-0.2 (Caldari, Gallente)
 • Onyx Ochre (+5%)10500001680126000-0.2 (Caldari, Gallente)
 • Obsidian Ochre (+10%)11000001760132000-0.2 (Caldari, Gallente)
Spodumain560001205021004500000-0.5 (Amarr, Caldari)
 • Bright Spodumain (+5%)588001265222054720000-0.5 (Amarr, Caldari)
 • Gleaming Spodumain (+10%)616001325523104950000-0.5 (Amarr, Caldari)
Crokite2100000076013500-0.5 (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente)
 • Sharp Crokite (+5%)2205000079814100-0.5 (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente)
 • Crystalline Crokite (10%)2310000083614800-0.5 (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente)
Bistot0120000004501000-0.6 (All Space)
 • Triclinic Bistot (+5%)0126000004721050-0.6 (All Space)
 • Monoclinic Bistot (+10%)0132000004951100-0.6 (All Space)
Arkonor22000025000003200-0.7 (All Space)
 • Crimson Arkonor (+5%)23100026250003360-0.7 (All Space)
 • Prime Arkonor (+10%)24200027500003520-0.7 (All Space)
Mercoxit0000000300-0.8 (All Space)
 • Magma Mercoxit (+5%)0000000315-0.8 (All Space)
 • Vitreous Mercoxit (+10%)0000000330-0.8 (All Space)

Optimum Asteroids for Minerals

MineralBest Ore
TritaniumVeldspar, Concentrated Veldspar (5% more yield), Dense Veldspar (10% more)
PyeriteScordite, Condensed Scordite (5% more), Massive Scordite (10% more)
MexallonPlagioclase, Azure Plagioclase (5% more), Rich Plagioclase (10% more)
IsogenOmber, Silvery Omber (5% more), Golden Omber (10% more)
NocxiumHemorphite, Vivid Hemorphite (5% more), Radiant Hemorphite (10%)
ZydrineCrokite, Sharp Crokite (5%), Crystalline Crokite (10%)
MegacyteArkonor, Crimson Arkonor (5%), Prime Arkonor (10%)
MorphiteMercoxcit, Magma Mercoxit (5%), Vitreous Mercoxit (10%)
3 thoughts on “EVE Online Asteroid Ore Mining Cheatsheet
  • 16th February 2018 at 12:00 am

    • Solid Pyroxeres (+5%) 369 26 53 0 5 0 0 0 0.9 (Amarr, Caldari)

    Does this mean that Solid Pyroxres is ONLY found at EXACTLY Amarr and Caldari at 0.9's? Or is it 0.9 and lower? What about 0.8 to be specific?

    • 17th February 2018 at 12:00 am

      The sec values indicate the minimum sec status that an ore can be foud in. Solid Pyroxres can be found in Amarr and Caldari space with a sec status 0.9 and lower. You will find Solid Pyroxres in 0.8 space.

  • 10th August 2017 at 12:00 am

    Well done! Ty


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