ESO Dark Brotherhood Litany of Blood Achievement Guide

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Litany of Blood is a quest chain from the Dark Brotherhood which involves assassinating various NPC's around Tamriel with the Blade of Woe.

ESO Dark Brotherhood Litany of Blood Achievement Guide

The quest is available from Nevusa Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary once you have completed the quest "A Lesson in Silence" and the first Sacrament quest. Speak with Nevusa, read the book then speak with Nevusa again.

Elder Scrolls Online Dark Brotherhood - Litany of Blood Achievement Guide
Elder Scrolls Online Dark Brotherhood - Litany of Blood Achievement Guide 

There are 15 NPC's to be assassinated, this is a list and where to find them. Once you arrive at the location, the NPC can be identified as they will have a white eye icon above them. Once killed with the Blade of Woe they will disappear in a cloud of ash. They will then appear as a ghost inside the Sanctuary on a pedestal.

Once you complete the mission you will be awarded the Cadaverous Assassin outfit and the Litany of Blood furnishing, as well as some gold.

Litany of Blood Achievement Locations

NameLitany of Blood ClueZoneCityLocation
Cesarel HedierI offer he whose dress is as cool as his demeanour and pate as barren as his heart.GlenumbraDaggerfallWanders around the streets between the Happy, Healthy Horses stables, The Rosy Lion inn, and the Outlaw's Refuge.
BolaagI offer she who greets death as a sister, her smile joyless and unflinching.RivenspireShornhelmWalks between the Guild Merchants and the Merchants at the Southern Gate. Will stop to do some dagger juggling near merchant stands.
Alix EdetteI offer she who peers from behind a crimson curtain and marred her face to hide her nature.StormhavenWayrestWalks the harbour to the Southeast. Sometime on the docks, sometimes up on the roads near the warehouses.
EbraydI offer he who leaves a trail of neat black ropes dangling over a golden cage.Alik'r DesertSentinelWalks between the Crafting Stations and the cliffs near the guard tower just north of the crafting stations.
BereaI offer she whose heart bears many scars, but does not fear to wear them proudly.BangkoraiEvermoreWalks between Evermore Wayshrine in the graveyard, The Stalls, a road to Tordrak's Eldritch Emporium, and sitting just outside the Anchor Point's Inn.
CimalireI offer she who reflects the heavens in her gaze and dress, drifting from dance to dance.AuridonSkywatchWalks a circuit around the courtyard area between the Mage's and the Fighter's Guilds. Will sometimes stop to join the Skywatch Celebrants watching the entertainers.
CaralethI offer she who surveys the market beneath an auburn veil and keeps silver close to her heart.GreenshadeMarbrukWalks a path from the Wayshrine to the Fighter's Guild, going through the merchants. Will stop to watch entertainers.
DirdelasI offer he who is as aged and gnarled as the trees, his back bowed but not bent.GrahtwoodElden RootWalks between the Elder Root Wayshrine and the Outside Inn.
SihadaI offer she who sweeps away the seasons with straw and the swish of her tail.Malabol TorVulkwastenWalking around the town with a broom. It is a really small town. Hardest part is getting away from other NPCs.
DablirI offer he who clothes his stripes of brown with stripes of gold.Reaper's MarchRawl'KhaWalks around the market and then south past the city wall near the weaponsmith.
HakidaI offer she who bears time at her waist, but for whom age has not robbed her golden crown.EastmarchWindhelmShe can be found walking around the Mages Guild or a circuit of the Konunleikar festivities, past The Sober Nord Tavern, around the Windhelm Bank, and down past Oaken-Hull's Emporium.
EldfyrI offer he whose arms are coiled and stained with the ink and weeds of the sea.The RiftRiftenHangs around near the market and around the market
Dinor GiranoI offer he who is silver, ash, and fire, draped in copper filigree.StoneFallsDavon's WatchWalks between the Fighter's Guild, the bridge in the centre of town, and the Mage's Guild. Can also be found walking in market.
Cindiri MalasI offer she who marches beneath a red crest and wields winding steel.DeshaanMournhold"Red crest" refers to her red-plumed helmet. Found near the bank.
GideelarI offer she who is caked in mud but wears a halo of bone, bright and untouched by mire.ShadowfenStormholdShe can be found wandering the dotted path on the map, southwest of the Stormhold Wayshrine, the lower dotted path farther SW, or near the bank on the semi-circular road between the bank and wayshrine. She can be found shovelling.

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