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Published 26th April 2010 by

Last night I had quite a vivid dream about a volcano, although my memory of it is patchy. I have no idea on the location, only that home was there.

I remember that I was under a large steel bridge, maybe a flyover, looking up at a smoking volcano. As the ground starts shaking and the smoke and ash get thicker the whole city starts to panic as if it is the end of the world. I remember that I was with people, but I don't remember who. Possibly friends or family. Anyway, we are running around trying to get together as much survival gear as we can get our hands on and loading it into the back of our truck.

At one point the sky is dark (night or ash I'm not sure) and we pass a shop with lots of items for sale outside. We enter the shop and grab large boxes of supplies before stuffing them with items found outside. Things like pencils and water rockets.  :?  I'm then at home and I'm looking for my sword. It should be hanging on the wall but it isn't. After looking around for a bit I find that my dad has taken my three broadswords and had them sharpened (in real life they are only decorative). Because they are decorative I can't use them (in my dream) as the handle falls off, so I take my katana off the rack and head to the truck with my dad.

We arrive back at the bridge by the volcano and it starts erupting. I'm there standing under the bridge with my camera taking pictures of the eruption. Chunks of molten lava are dropping down a few feet in front of me and as I look up I see that it is a railway bridge with a train going over it, covered in lava. The train has come from the volcano and the bridge is not looking very healthy with all the lava on it.

At this point, I woke up.

There seem to be four key elements to the dream which particularly stood out for me.

The Volcano Dream Meaning

To see a volcano in your dream denotes violent disputes or repressed thoughts. Your emotions are about to (erupt). Your honesty and fair character may also be threatened or attacked.

Bridge Dream Meaning

Bridges represent a transitional period in your life where you will be moving on to a new stage. To dream of a run-down bridge, indicates that you should not contemplate any major changes in your life at this time.

Meaning of the theft from the store

To dream that you are stealing denotes that you are deprived and where the stealing takes place (at home, the office, at school.) is indicative of your neediness. Alternatively, it may signify unrealized and unfulfilled goals. You may have set your goals too high.

Swords in Dreams Meaning

To dream that you are wielding a sword represents your ambition, competitive nature decisiveness and will power. You seek to hold a position of prestige, authority, and distinction. Alternatively, the sword can be seen as a phallic symbol and thus represent masculine power.

I'm not sure what the combined effect of these factors is... I'm probably going to have a breakdown or something.

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