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The tragic tale of love and death when Echo meets Narcissus.

Echo spotted the most beautiful young man. His name was Narcissus. Echo did something she thought she would never do - she fell in love. But Hera had taken most of her voice. All she do was echo sounds made by others. She could howl like a wolf, or sing like a breeze through reeds, but how could she tell Narcissus that she loved him?

One day, she spotted Narcissus looking into a stream. He seemed enchanted by what he saw.

"Come to me," Narcissus begged, looking into the water.

"Come to me," Echo echoed.

Narcissus swung about. "Who's there?" he angrily demanded to know.

"Who's there," Echo echoed loudly.

"Stop that!" Narcissus snapped.

"Stop that!" Echo echoed.

"Let's meet," Narcissus said in a much softer voice that he had used so far.

"Let's meet!" Echo echoed happily. She stepped out from behind a tree.

"Go away," Narcissus said meanly.

"Go away," Echo echoed sadly.

Echo went sadly away.

Things did not go well for Narcissus after that. He returned to the stream again and again. He stared at the lovely young man he saw in the water. He did not know it was only the reflection of himself.

Hidden from sight, Echo watched Narcissus as he lay by the stream. She repeated the last three words that Narcissus might say.

He ignored her. Day after day he lay by the stream, admiring his own reflection. He stopped eating. He stopped drinking. And finally, he died.

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