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Published 8th October 2010 by

Last night's dream was a very vivid dream with large electrical storms, hairy monsters, an old house and military aircraft. Can you be any more abstract?

It all started in my old house (10 years ago) and the weather forecast on the TV announces that there will be a thunder storm tonight. As the skies get darker there is what looks like a Canadian Mountie going house to house warning of extreme lightning and not to leave the house under any circumstances. As I look out the window down the street I can already see dark brooding clouds. They appear to funnel down towards the ground, almost like a tornado, but not rotating and more "puffy" then there a a load of large electrical discharges (similar to War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise).

Around the lightning there are various little electrical storms, very much like the videos of electrical switches I was watching on YouTube before I went to bed. The house is hit by several lightning strikes, the trees and garden are also struck. Most of the street is on fire and people are wandering around outside. I can still see lightning storms on the horizon, and as I look across to the main road an Army Chinook lands and drops off several troops. They are organised into hunting parties and are uninterested in us "civilians".

Next thing I know I'm part of one of these hunting parties, and we appear to be hunting strange hairy alien creatures (like a dwarf wookee with glowing eyes). I'm also wearing Indiana Jones' hat. How strange.

To see aliens in your dreams, signifies that you are having difficulties adapting and adjusting to your new surroundings. You are also having difficulties in how to handle or deal with a certain situation or person. On a psychological level, seeing aliens may represent an encounter with an unfamiliar or neglected aspect of your own self.

To see lightning in your dream, signifies sudden awareness, insight, and purification. Alternatively, lightning may imply a shocking turn of events.

To dream that you are hunting, denotes that you are seeking or pursuing to fulfil some inner desires, either emotional or physical.

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