Piscis Austrinus - Southern Fish

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Learn about the constellation Piscis Austrinus - Southern Fish, location, facts, mythology, meteor showers and deep space objects.

Piscis Austrinus - Southern Fish

Piscis Austrinus is one of the 48 constellations listed by Ptolemy. It is also one of the 88 modern constellations. Its only bright star is Fomalhaut.

Location: Southern Constellation 22h RA -30° Dec

Prior to the twentieth century, the constellation was also known as Piscis Notius, a name used to distinguish it from Pisces and the later introduced Piscis Volans (the flying fish).

Piscis Austrinus Mythology

It is thought that originally Piscis Austrinus was the only constellation representing a fish, Pisces becoming fish only later.

Piscis Austrinus Deep Space Objects

Piscis Austrinus is home to a couple of good deep space objects, most notably the Hickson Compact Group 90 (HCG 90). HCG 90 is a group of galaxies approximately 100 million light years away. The group consists of the galaxies NGC 7173, NGC 7174, and NGC 7176 and are believed to be interacting.

Another notable DSO is NGC 7314, a spiral galaxy which is classified as a Seyfert (active) galaxy. The galaxy can be seen in a small telescope.

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