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Published 6th June 2012 by

It's a little earlier than expected, but my sudden departure from Alexandra at the beginning of the year has opened up an exciting new door.

I am now the sole director and owner of Azulia Designs Ltd, registered from today's date in England and Wales.

Azulia Designs is a web design blog which I have had for several years, the name for which comes from the Spanish word Azul (meaning Blue, my favourite colour) and a Latin suffix -ia. The name came together by combining words using Bust-a-Name.

Azulia Designs Ltd

Azulia Designs Ltd

Through my company, I am able to provide consultancy services, freelance web development and bespoke software engineering. My extensive knowledge of programming languages and methodologies allows me to craft web based solutions in PHP or ASP.Net (the two leading server-side environments) and desktop application using C#, Visual Basic, Delphi or C++. I can also support the full system development life cycle from initial requirements gathering to supporting the end product.

I already have one large client who I am building a new web based ordering system for and a number of smaller websites to build.

Exciting times ahead!

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