Software Engineering

Being a software engineer isn't just about coding. These tutorials look at the broader Software Engineering concepts rather than actual programming. Tutorials include system life cycles, methodologies, project management and quality control. There is no code in these tutorials and they are intended to give an overview of software engineering constructs and tools.

Windows Terminal Power Toolkit

Introducing Windows Terminal - Windows command line for the 21st century. We show you how to customize and extend its use, add backgrounds, profiles, colour schemes, shortcuts and more!
- 18th Jul, 2020

15 Github Repositories You Should Know as a Developer

Here is a list of some great Github repositories that every developer should follow to help you grow as a developer.
- 18th Jan, 2020

Software Design Patterns

Software Design patterns represent some best practices adapted by experienced object-oriented software developers, to implement eloquent and reusable solutions to common problems.
- 7th Aug, 2017

Beginners Guide to Agile/Scrum

Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile software development method for managing software projects and product or application development.
- 4th Mar, 2014

Quality Assurance and Management

Quality is often used to describe a product or project outcome, but what is quality? How do you define a quality product? Where does quality come from?
- 26th Oct, 2010

Programming an n-Tier Architecture

In software engineering, multi tier architecture (often referred to as n-tier architecture) or multilayered architecture is a client's server architecture in which presentation, application processing, and data management functions are physically separated.
- 4th Aug, 2010

Structured Programming Languages

Structured Programming Languages come in all flavours, each with their own style and layout, from BASIC to C#. A structured programming language follows a methodology where the logic of a program is composed of simpler sub-structures, like building blocks.
- 26th May, 2010

System Development Life Cycles (SDLC)

A system development life cycle (SDLC) is used in project management to guide a project from the initial concept to a functional system. In this article, we will be looking at system development life cycles as a tool for systems analysis and software engineering.
- 18th May, 2010

Variable, Object and Control Naming Guidelines

In any programming language, it is very highly recommended, as well as good practice, to name all variables, components and forms properly and meaningful to ensure ease of readability and maintainability.
- 21st Mar, 2010

System Lifecycles and MSF

Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) is a software development methodology developed by the world's most successful software company.
- 27th Feb, 2010