PHP - the server-side programming language powering over 80% of the web - is now at version 7.1. As an interpreted (as opposed to compiled) language, PHP code is executed in run-time meaning there is no slow compilation step - changes you make in the code are visible instantly, and it is this quick feedback loop that allows for PHP's speed of use. If you're just getting started with PHP, here are some introductory materials to get you up to speed.

Improve Website Speed by Enabling Compression

How to improve website speed, performance and loading times by enabling output compression, either in Apache or via a PHP script.
- 22nd Dec, 2013

PHP Function to Import CSV to an Array

How to import CSV file into PHP array using PHP's fgetcsv function. The array is associative so you can access values by the column heading.
- 31st Oct, 2013

PHP Performance Tuning with XDebug

XDebug is the swiss army knife of PHP performance tuning and enables diagnostics, debugging and performance profiling for PHP applications.
- 15th Nov, 2012

Overlay PNG on JPEG with Transparency (Watermark) in PHP GD

This example is a common way to overlay png watermarks and stamps to photos and copyrighted images using PHP using GD library and imagecopy.
- 31st Jul, 2010

PHP Remove or Delete Directory Recursively

Recursively delete all files and folders from a given path and can be used anywhere you wish to delete directory recursively.
- 28th Jul, 2010

Loop Between Two Dates in PHP

In programming languages its easy to loop between two numbers or run a foreach over items in array, but what about a loop between two dates?
- 2nd Apr, 2010

Embed YouTube Videos to phpBB

How to Embed YouTube videos in bulletin board software such as phpBB, which will not allow you to use the embed code provided by YouTube.
- 10th Dec, 2009

How to Sort a Multi-dimensional Array by Value in PHP

Various methods for sorting a multi-dimensional array in PHP depending on the version of PHP you are using or how the data is organized.
- 23rd Apr, 2009

Blocking Website Access by Country with PHP

I have found an easy method for blocking a country, it only takes a few lines of code and has virtually no server load.
- 20th Apr, 2009

How to Add Three Dots to a Long String with PHP

Here is a simple little function in PHP that will truncate a string after X number of characters and add three dots or whatever you specify.
- 20th Apr, 2009