Legacy Code

These articles relate to legacy code, that is, code which I no longer support or even work with. You will find some snippets and also full applications. Were possible they are accurate and up to date, however, you may find that newer versions of language or compilers, operating systems and hardware may cause problems running this code.

Recursive Find Files in Dephi

Simple and very useful Delphi and Pascal function to Recursive Find Files in Dephi from a given starting directory or drive.
- 10th Feb, 2005

nPos Function in Pascal to Find the nth Position in a String

nPos Function in Pascal / Delphi which returns the nth position of character in a string, useful if you want the second or third occurrence.
- 11th Dec, 2004

Minimise Delphi Application to System Tray

A short code snippet which will allow a program icon to be displayed in the application to system tray when the form is minimised.
- 5th Dec, 2004

Using Shell Execute in Delphi to Launch Applications

How to use Shell Execute functions in Delphi to launch programs and files from your code. Opening files will use the system default editor.
- 28th Oct, 2004

Prevent Multiple Instances of Delphi Application Running

This code will prevent multiple instances of your application from opening, and pass parameter details to the existing application process.
- 16th Aug, 2004

Integer to Roman Numeral Conversion in Dephi or Pascal

These Pascal procedures will convert an integer to Roman numeral and a Roman numeral to an integer value. Simply copy and paste to your code
- 6th Feb, 2004

Load CSV Data into a StringGrid in Dephi

This short procedure will load data stored in a CSV file into a StringGrid in Dephi control for which can be used for display or processing.
- 6th Feb, 2004

Image Tiling in Delphi

A short code snippet in Delphi which will do image tiling in Delphi which is useful when you want an application to have background texture.
- 6th Feb, 2004

Delphi Get File Size and Pretty Format Bytes

Delphi Get File Size procedure will get the file size, in bytes, of a specified filename. Useful function for file-handing in Pascal.
- 6th Feb, 2004

Delphi String Case Conversion - Sentence Case, Title Case, Toggle

Delphi String Case Conversion functions for Title Case, Sentence case or toggle the case (convert upper to lower, lower to upper case)
- 6th Feb, 2004