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The Effects of Artificial Intelligence on the Lives of Programmers

Discover what AI means for the lives of programmers and learn how it affects their daily routines, job security and career growth potential.
- 6th Mar, 2023

Create ZIP Archives with .Net C# Without 3rd Party Libraries Packages

How to create ZIP archives with .Net C# without relying on any 3rd party libraries or nuget packages, using 100% native code.
- 7th Aug, 2022

Single File Deployments in .Net 6 / VS2022

How to build projects with a single file deployment where all dependencies are bundled into one executable, even the .Net framework runtime.
- 2nd Jun, 2022

Windows Terminal Power Toolkit

Windows Terminal is a command line for the 21st century. See how to customize it, add backgrounds, profiles, colour schemes, and shortcuts.
- 18th Jul, 2020

15 Github Repositories You Should Know as a Developer

Here is a list of some great Github repositories that every developer should follow to help you grow as a developer and stay up to date.
- 18th Jan, 2020

Create a .NET Console Application using Visual Studio Code

How to create and debug a C# Console Application using Visual Studio Code and the .Net Core SDK. Visual Studio 2019/2022 not required.
- 22nd Nov, 2019

Prevent Visual Studio Debugging Stopping when Browser Closed

As a web developer it is really frustrating when you close the browser tab or window only for Visual Studio Debugging to assume that you're done with the debugger as well. Turning this setting OFF will keep Visual Studio Debugger running when you close browser windows.
- 11th Aug, 2019

Best Practices for High Performance Code & Optimization with Examples

Some of the best coding practices to get high performance code together with a few common pitfalls which seriously impact performance.
- 2nd Dec, 2018

5 Software Design Patterns Every Developer Should Know

Software design patterns are best practices adapted by experienced software developers to implement reusable solutions to common problems.
- 7th Aug, 2017

How to Disable CLR Strict Security on SQL Server 2017+

New configuration option in SQL Server 2017 called CLR strict security, enabled by default, causes problems when using CLR.
- 21st Apr, 2017