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Published 20th February 2010 by

With our Snowdon expedition rapidly approaching (4 weeks time) we think it's time to start building up our walking. Having started on Brent Knoll, then Crook Peak, the challenging gorge walk wasn't too bad (apart from the mud) and will be good for climbing experience.

We started off in the gorge car park and proceeded into the village past the caves until we pick up the North path of the walk, which begins with a 1/3 mile steep climb through the woods. This brings you out on top of the North side of the gorge. Paths are well defined, however the recent snow and rain has made them very muddy. There is then a decent down slippery mud towards the end of the gorge where we crossed over and climbed up the other side.

I'm not sure if we took the correct path, because the first ascent was very steep and overgrown but it seemed to bring us out on the right path. At the top we decided to take a short detour four our lunch break and had a very good view out over Somerset including Brent Knoll and Crook Peak. We then headed back along the gorge walk path. On this side of the gorge you are much closer to the cliff face and at times you can look over the edge (if you wanted to!) I made do with holding the camera at arms length.

The path is then a gentle downward stroll down rocky footpaths until Jacobs ladder and arriving back in the village. It was then a nice easy stroll up the pavement to the car park and a warm coffee.

View over Cheddar Reservoir, Brent Knoll and Crook peak in distance.

View over Cheddar Reservoir, Brent Knoll and Crook peak in distance.

Total Distance Walked: 4.1 miles (6.5 km)

Altitude Climbed: +739 ft (225.1 metres)

Time Taken: 3 hours 24 minutes (including lunch break) (very muddy terrain)

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