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Published 25th August 2009 by

I've just bought a new car to help take the driving strain off the GTR so I don't have to drive her every day.

I'm not selling the GTR or anything, it just seems sensible to get a more practical car for everyday use and save the Skyline for good weather and when I'm in the mood (which will probably turn out to be every day knowing me!)

Anyway, for those days I don't want to drive the Skyline I have an old Mercedes 320e. It's a 3.2-litre straight six, automatic with full leather interior, all the optional extras like heated seats, electric seats, electric mirrors, windows, air conditioning, AMG wheels and everything else on the options list. It's done just under 200,000 miles, but you would never know. She has a great turning circle (which was one of the disadvantages of the Skyline) and is better on fuel than the Skyline (but then most things are!) and still pretty nippy. I still can't get the hand of not down changing, and not putting the clutch in when stopping. I'll just have to get used to it.

Mercedes 320e

Mercedes 320e

One thought on “My New Car… A Mercedes-Benz
  • 20th September 2009 at 12:00 am

    Here's something I found surprising... while looking at mileage and petrol receipts I did a quick calculation and worked out that the Skyline does about 24.8 mpg, whereas the Mercedes does 23.4 mpg.

    The Mercedes uses cheaper fuel (regular unleaded) while the GTR always drinks Shell V-Power (super unleaded). The Mercedes hold more capacity, so the fuel bill works out the same and the extra capacity means that I get an extra 2 days before I have to fill up.

    So for now, the Skyline is better on fuel... but I'm sure that will change when she has 600cc injectors and bigger turbos!


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