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Sir Patrick Caldwell-Moore has made a catalogue of beautiful and interesting objects you should observe, whereas Charles Messier made a catalogue of faint fuzzy objects to be avoided when searching for comets.
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The idea of the Caldwell Catalogue came to me one night after I had been observing the Moon (my own subject) and had looked casually at the Perseus Sword-Handle. This has no Messier number. (Messier catalogued nebulae as 'objects to avoid' during his comet searches, and in any case limited himself to the northern part of the sky.) There are many Messier clubs. Why not draw up a catalogue of bright nebular objects omitted by Messier? I did so - and more or less on the spur of the moment, sent it off to Sky and Telescope. To my surprise, it caught on, and by now everyone seems to use the Caldwell numbers. I could not use M numbers because Messier and Moore begin with M - but my proper name is hyphenated (Caldwell-Moore), so I used C. All the Caldwell Catalogue objects are within range of modest equipment. They are arranged in declinations, so that to survey them all means some travel - but that is not a problem nowadays. Sir Patrick Caldwell-Moore
Patrick More and his 12.5" Newtonian Reflector

Patrick More and his 12.5" Newtonian Reflector

The Patrick Moore Collection

The New General Catalogue (NGC) is the most well-known catalogue of deep sky objects in amateur astronomy. It contains nearly 8,000 objects, known as the NGC objects. The NGC is one of the largest comprehensive catalogues, as it includes all types of deep sky objects (not specialised to just galaxies for instance). The catalogue was compiled in the 1880s by J. L. E. Dreyer using observations mostly from William Herschel, and then subsequently expanded with two Index Catalogues (IC I & IC II), adding nearly 5,000 objects.

Here is a list of the full 109 Objects in the Caldwell Catalogue and some details about them. It was compiled using information mainly from the Caldwell List Club and from Wikipedia.

You may also wish to look at the Messier Catalogue.

You can also view my gallery of Deep Space Objects.

Caldwell Catalogue Objects

#Common NameConst.LocMagMonthSize (arc min)TypeNGC
1Cepheus00h 44.4mRA
+85° 20mDEC
8November14Open Cluster188
2Bow-Tie NebulaCepheus00h 13.0mRA
+72° 32mDEC
12November0.6Planetary Nebula40
3Draco12h 16.7mRA
+69° 28mDEC
9May19 x 7Spiral Galaxy4236
4Reflection NebulaCepheus21h 01.8mRA
+68° 12mDEC
0November18 x 18Bright Nebula7023
5Camelopardalis03h 46.8mRA
+68° 06mDEC
9February18 x 17Spiral Galaxy0
6Cats Eye NebulaDraco17h 58.6mRA
+66° 38mDEC
8May0.3/5.8Planetary Nebula6543
7Camelopardalis07h 36.9mRA
+65° 36mDEC
8February18 x 10Spiral Galaxy2403
8Cassiopeia01h 29.5mRA
+63° 18mDEC
9January4Open Cluster559
9Cave NebulaCepheus22h 56.8mRA
+62° 37mDEC
0November50 x 10Bright Nebula0
10Cassiopeia01h 46.0mRA
+61° 15mDEC
7January16Open Cluster663
11The Bubble NebulaCassiopeia23h 20.7mRA
+61° 12mDEC
0January15 x 8Bright Nebula7635
12Fireworks GalaxyCepheus20h 34.8mRA
+60° 09mDEC
8November11 x 10Spiral Galaxy6946
13Phi Cas ClusterCassiopeia01h 19.1mRA
+58° 20mDEC
6January13Open Cluster457
14Sword HandlePerseus02h 20.0mRA
+57° 08mDEC
4January30x30Open Cluster884
15Blinking Eye NebulaCygnus19h 44.8mRA
+50° 31mDEC
8December0.5/2.3Planetary Nebula6826
16Lacerta22h 15.3mRA
+49° 53mDEC
6October21Open Cluster7243
17Cassiopeia00h 33.2mRA
+48° 30mDEC
9January13 x 8Elliptical Galaxy147
18Cassiopeia00h 39.0mRA
+48° 20mDEC
9January12 x 10Elliptical Galaxy185
19Cocoon NebulaCygnus21h 53.5mRA
+47° 16mDEC
7December12 x 12Bright Nebula0
20Nort American NebulaCygnus20h 58.8mRA
+44° 20mDEC
0December120 x 100Bright Nebula7000
21Cains Venactici12h 28.2mRA
+44° 06mDEC
9May5 x 4Irregular Galaxy4449
22Andromeda23h 25.9mRA
+42° 33mDEC
8December0.3/2.2Planetary Nebula7662
23Andromeda02h 22.6mRA
+42° 21mDEC
9December14 x 3Spiral Galaxy891
24Per A radio sourcePerseus03h 19.8mRA
+41° 31mDEC
11January2.6 x 2Irregular Galaxy1275
25Lynx07h 38.1mRA
+38° 53mDEC
10February4.1Globular Cluster2419
26Cains Venactici12h 17.5mRA
+37° 49mDEC
10May16 x 2.5Spiral Galaxy4244
27Crescent NebulaCygnus20h 12.0mRA
+38° 21mDEC
0December20 x 10Bright Nebula6888
28Andromeda01h 57.8mRA
+37° 41mDEC
5December50Open Cluster752
29Cains Venactici13h 10.9mRA
+37° 03mDEC
9May5.4 x 2Spiral Galaxy5005
30Pegasus22h 37.1mRA
+34° 25mDEC
9December11 x 4Spiral Galaxy7331
31Flaming Star NebulaAuriga05h 16.2mRA
+34° 16mDEC
0February30 x 19Bright Nebula0
32Cains Venactici12h 42.1mRA
+32° 32mDEC
9May15 x 3Spiral Galaxy4631
33East Veil NebulaCygnus20h 56.4mRA
+31° 43mDEC
0December60 x 8Supernova Remnant6992
34West Veil NebulaCygnus20h 45.7mRA
+30° 43mDEC
0December70 x 6Supernova Remnant6960
35Brightest in clusterComa Berenices13h 00.1mRA
+27° 59mDEC
11June3 x 2Elliptical Galaxy4889
36Coma Berenices12h 36.0mRA
+27° 58mDEC
9June10 x 5Spiral Galaxy4559
37Vulpecula20h 12.0mRA
+26° 29mDEC
5November7Open Cluster6885
38Coma Berenices12h 36.3mRA
+25° 59mDEC
9June16 x 3Spiral Galaxy4565
39Eskimo NebulaGemini07h 29.2mRA
+20° 55mDEC
9February0.2/0.7Planetary Nebula2392
40Leo11h 20.1mRA
+18° 21mDEC
10April3 x 2Spiral Galaxy3626
41HyadesTaurus04h 27mRA
+16° 00mDEC
0February330Open Cluster0
42Very distant globularDelphinus21h 01.5mRA
+16° 11mDEC
10September2.8Globular Cluster7006
43Pegasus00h 03.3mRA
+16° 09mDEC
10December6 x 2Spiral Galaxy7814
44Pegasus23h 04.9mRA
+12° 19mDEC
11December4 x 3Spiral Galaxy7479
45Bootes13h 37.5mRA
+08° 53mDEC
10May6 x 4Spiral Galaxy5248
46Hubbles Variable NebulaMonoceros06h 39.2mRA
+08° 44mDEC
0February2 x 1Bright Nebula2261
47Delphinus20h 34.2mRA
+07° 24mDEC
8September5.9Globular Cluster6934
48Cancer09h 10.3mRA
+07° 02mDEC
10April4.5 x 3Spiral Galaxy2775
49Rosette NebulaMonoceros06h 32.3mRA
+05° 03mDEC
0February80 x 60Bright Nebula2237
50Monoceros06h 32.4mRA
+04° 52mDEC
4February24Open Cluster2244
51Cetus01h 04.8mRA
+02° 07mDEC
9November12 x 11Irregular Galaxy0
52Virgo12h 48.6mRA
-05° 48mDEC
9May6 x 4Elliptical Galaxy4697
53Spindle GalaxySextans10h 05.2mRA
-07° 43mDEC
9Southern Hemisphere8 x 3Elliptical Galaxy3115
54Monoceros08h 00.2mRA
-10° 47mDEC
7February7Open Cluster2506
55Saturn NebulaAquarius21h 04.2mRA
-11° 22mDEC
8November0.4/1.6Planetary Nebula7009
56Cetus00h 47.0mRA
-11° 53mDEC
10November3.8Planetary Nebula246
57Barnards GalaxySagittarius19h 44.9mRA
-14° 48mDEC
8October10 x 9Irregular Galaxy6822
58Canis Major07h 17.8mRA
-15° 37mDEC
7March13Open Cluster2360
59Ghost of JupiterHydra10h 24.8mRA
-18° 38mDEC
7July0.3/21Planetary Nebula3242
60The AntennaeCorvus12h 01.9mRA
-18° 52mDEC
10May2.6 x 2Spiral Galaxy4038
61The AntennaeCorvus12h 01.9mRA
-18° 53mDEC
10May3 x 2Spiral Galaxy4039
62Cetus00h 47.1mRA
-20° 46mDEC
9November20 x 7Spiral Galaxy247
63Helix NebulaAquarius22h 29.6mRA
-20° 48mDEC
7November13Planetary Nebula7293
64Tau CMa ClusterCanis Major07h 18.8mRA
-24° 57mDEC
4March8Open Cluster2362
65Sculptor GalaxySculptor00h 47.6mRA
-25° 17mDEC
7Southern Hemisphere25 x 7Spiral Galaxy253
66Hydra14h 39.6mRA
-26° 32mDEC
10July3.6Globular Cluster5694
67Fornax02h 46.3mRA
-30° 17mDEC
9Southern Hemisphere9 x 7Spiral Galaxy1097
68R CrA NebulaCorona Austrina19h 01.9mRA
-36° 57mDEC
0Southern Hemisphere1Bright Nebula6729
69Bug NebulaScorpius17h 13.7mRA
-37° 06mDEC
9July0.8Planetary Nebula6302
70Sculptor00h 54.9mRA
-37° 41mDEC
8Southern Hemisphere20 x 13Spiral Galaxy300
71Puppis07h 44.6mRA
-23° 52mDEC
6March22Open Cluster2447
71Puppis07h 44.6mRA
-23° 52mDEC
6March22Open Cluster2447
72Brightest in Scl ClusterSculptor00h 14.9mRA
-39° 11mDEC
7Southern Hemisphere32 x 6Spiral Galaxy55
73Columba05h 14.1mRA
-40° 03mDEC
7Southern Hemisphere11Globular Cluster1851
74Vela10h 07.7mRA
-40° 26mDEC
9Southern Hemisphere0.8Planetary Nebula3132
75Scorpius16h 25.6mRA
-40° 40mDEC
5July29Open Cluster6124
76Scorpius16h 54.0mRA
-41° 48mDEC
2July15Open Cluster6231
77Cen A radio sourceCentaurus13h 25.5mRA
-43° 01mDEC
7Southern Hemisphere18 x 14Elliptical Galaxy5128
78Corona Austrina18h 08.0mRA
-43° 42mDEC
6Southern Hemisphere13Globular Cluster6541
79Vela10h 17.6mRA
-46° 25mDEC
6Southern Hemisphere18Globular Cluster3201
80Omega CentauriCentaurus13h 26.8mRA
-47° 29mDEC
3Southern Hemisphere36Globular Cluster5139
81Ara17h 25.5mRA
-48° 25mDEC
8Southern Hemisphere7Globular Cluster6352
82Ara16h 41.3mRA
-48° 46mDEC
5Southern Hemisphere15Open Cluster6193
83Centaurus13h 05.4mRA
-49° 28mDEC
8Southern Hemisphere20 x 4Spiral Galaxy4945
84Centaurus13h 46.4mRA
-51° 22mDEC
7Southern Hemisphere9Globular Cluster5286
85o (Omicron) Vel ClusterVela08h 40.2mRA
-53° 04mDEC
2Southern Hemisphere50Open Cluster0
86Ara17h 40.7mRA
-53° 40mDEC
5Southern Hemisphere26Globular Cluster6397
87Horologium03h 12.3mRA
-55° 13mDEC
8Southern Hemisphere7Globular Cluster1261
88Circinus15h 05.7mRA
-55° 36mDEC
7Southern Hemisphere10Open Cluster5823
89S Nor ClusterNorma16h 18.9mRA
-57° 54mDEC
5Southern Hemisphere12Open Cluster6087
90Carina09h 21.4mRA
-58° 19mDEC
0Southern Hemisphere0.2Planetary Nebula2867
91Carina11h 06.4mRA
-58° 40mDEC
3Southern Hemisphere55Open Cluster3532
92Eta Carinae NebulaCarina10h 43.8mRA
-59° 52mDEC
0Southern Hemisphere120 x 120Bright Nebula3372
93Pavo19h 10.9mRA
-59° 59mDEC
5Southern Hemisphere20Globular Cluster6752
94Jewel Box ClusterCrux12h 53.6mRA
-60° 20mDEC
4May10Open Cluster4755
95Triangulum Australe16h 03.7mRA
-60° 30mDEC
5Southern Hemisphere12Open Cluster6025
96Carina07h 58.3mRA
-60° 52mDEC
3Southern Hemisphere30Open Cluster2516
97Centaurus11h 36.1mRA
-61° 37mDEC
5Southern Hemisphere12Open Cluster3766
98Crux12h 42.3mRA
-62° 58mDEC
6May5Open Cluster4609
99Coal SackCrux12h 53mRA
-63° 00mDEC
0May400 x 300Dark Nebula0
100Lambda Cen ClusterCentaurus11h 36.6mRA
-63° 02mDEC
4Southern Hemisphere15Open Cluster0
101Pavo19h 09.8mRA
-63° 51mDEC
8Southern Hemisphere16 x 10Spiral Galaxy6744
102° (Theta) Car ClusterCarina10h 43.2mRA
-64° 24mDEC
1Southern Hemisphere50Open Cluster0
103Tarantula Neb. in LMCDorado05h 38.7mRA
-69° 06mDEC
0Southern Hemisphere40 x 25Bright Nebula2070
104Tucana01h 03.2mRA
-70° 51mDEC
6Southern Hemisphere13Globular Cluster362
105Musca12h 59.6mRA
-70° 53mDEC
7Southern Hemisphere14Globular Cluster4833
10647 TucanaeTucana00h 24.1mRA
-72° 05mDEC
4Southern Hemisphere31Globular Cluster104
107Apus16h 25.8mRA
-72° 12mDEC
9Southern Hemisphere11Globular Cluster6101
108Musca12h 25.8mRA
-72° 40mDEC
7Southern Hemisphere19Globular Cluster4372
109Chamaeleon10h 09.5mRA
-80° 52mDEC
0Southern Hemisphere0.6Planetary Nebula3195
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