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Published 7th February 2010 by

Brent Knoll in Somerset is my first waypoint towards my mountain climbing challenge. The main purpose for this was to break in my walking boots, and see how fit I am.

I've been walking about a mile a day for the past three weeks in the hopes that it would increase my fitness a little. It didn't. Ten minutes into the walk my legs were hurting and I was out of breath  :( 

Just for the record, I have to say that a few years ago I was in a serious car crash and suffered an injury to both knees and my left ankle. I am also asthmatic, so for me, it's not just about the fitness.

Anyway, I made it to the top with my brother in law, had a rest, took a few pictures and headed back.

The weather started out overcast and misty which cleared as we got closer, we even saw the sun at one point, however as we climbed the mist drew in again. The walk is easy with gravel footpaths and steps, although the path can be very muddy in places.

View from Brent Knoll

View from Brent Knoll

Total Distance Walked: 1.6 miles (2.56 km)

Altitude Climbed: +450 ft (137 metres)

Time Taken: 55 minutes.

A molehill by comparison to what we are going to attempt later in the year, but a good starting point for somebody just getting started with walking. Next week we attempt the more challenging Crook Peak just a few miles away.

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