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Published 22nd May 2010 by

Just got back from Fowlers where I have just purchased most of my riding gear and safety kit. I've still got to go to Riders to get some trousers.

The most important (and the only legal requirement!) item is my helmet. I was looking to get the HJC Samuari but it lacked an internal sun visor which is something I really wanted in a helmet. After trying on quite a few helmets I decided to get the HJC IS-16 in matt black.

The second most important item for me is a decent jacket. Having spent ages trying to decide whether to get leather or textile jacket, I decided to go for textile. Girls may dig leathers, but the textile jackets are more adaptable, waterproof all year round and offer better padding. I've got the Bikers Gore-Tex Tormo jacket which features 5-piece body armour for elbow, shoulder and back protection. It also has plenty of vents to allow air to circulate inside and being Gore-Tex it's waterproof. I already have a pair of gloves that I purchased back in January when we had all that snow, and I tested them out when I climbed Snowdon in March. These are again Bikers so they match the jacket nicely.

Finally I have got a pair of Sidi Canyon boots to keep my feet dry. These boots are leather and fabric with Gore-Tex and are full size boots to offer protection to feet, ankles and shins.

The only thing left to get now is a pair of Draggin Jeans which are kevlar lined and have padded protection in all the right places. Although not waterproof, they offer good skid protection and are abrasion resistant. I'll just have to carry around the slip on waterproof trousers I bought to use going up Snowdon.

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