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Published 31st October 2009 by

I am working as an archaeologist in a secret location in the middle of nowhere following up on a discovery made by a close friend. He had found an ancient cave decorated with pictograms and cave paintings dating back over 5,000 years. The pictograms and paintings give clear evidence of the existence of extra-terrestrials and that they had access to technology from today as well as our future.

By the landscape and terrain, I guess I'm in Afghanistan, or that region, maybe Iraq.

Carbon dating on the paint and surrounding evidence prove that a painting of an iPod was drawn in 3100 BC. In an antechamber, we found a large circle with stone statues around the circumference. There are 6 statues with evidence that another 4 are missing. The circle is about the size of 10 people standing with arms out to the side and touching fingertips with the person next to them.

As we are investigating, our guide rushes in and explains that there is a large fireball in the sky. We run out to see a large meteor streaking across the sky heading towards us. It impacts just over a hill and we run across the desert to see. When we arrived there was already a crowd of locals and a rival archaeologist.

We teamed up and examined the meteorite; it's about the size of two small mini-busses side by side.

Wondering how such a large chunk of rock landed in a small crater (and how it didn't obliterate us) we came to the conclusion that this isn't a natural rock. We radio in for a crane to lift it out of the crater and onto a better work platform. As the crane lifts, we see that the meteor has legs - just like the lunar module. Looking closer at the underside I discover a plug and lead. Pulling the lead from underneath the rock by one of the legs, we found that it was a mobile phone charger (Nokia).

While the meteorite is being transported to the lab I show the other archaeologist the rest of my finds including the stone circle. To his amazement, it is the same as one he discovered in the next mountain range, with the exception that he has 4 statues with 6 missing. We combine efforts and get the ten together in my circle.

This, the pictograms, carbon dating, and the discovery of a rock encased lunar lander with mobile phone charger lead us to come to only one conclusion - a discovery so important and huge that it will be international news. There follow further meteor showers and meteorites.

The meteorites have triggered a snow storm, once passed I get in my car and drive to the village (a village that looks quite a bit like a small English village). By the time I get there it's very cold and icy. I pull in at a shop and go inside. I find a few people standing around talking, including one tall, attractive, blonde girl. We start talking and immediately click. As we talk somebody else comes into the shop and proclaims that everything is now ok, he's found a seat outside. We all toddle off outside and sit down to watch the snow. At this time the girl is in my arms and we are cuddling. Like previous dreams (1, 2), I cannot feel her body or touch, but the emotional sense of well being and epiphany is there again. In this moment of epiphany, I understand what all the archaeology means and its implications. I get on the phone to somebody and before I know it I am back at the dig with all the world leaders and spiritual leaders explaining the importance of the finds. The woman is still in my arms, and we're holding each other close.

Then I wake up, and unfortunately, I can't remember what answer to the ultimate question of the meaning of life, the universe and everything is. I'm pretty sure it wasn't 42 though.

Dream of making a discovery signifies that you may be entering into a new phase of life or a new phase of personal development.

To see a meteor in your dream suggests that you will experience success in a project. Yipee!

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