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Published 6th January 2010 by

While browsing the January sales online, I stumbled across this beginner guitar pack and thought to myself "Why not?" It was marked down in the sale and contains everything I need to play the guitar. Secondly, it will help me mark another item off my life list.

The pack contains a Fender-style electric guitar, a vacuum tube guitar amp, gig bag, cable, strap and learner guide. I don't know the first thing about guitars, but everything seems good quality to me. The only problem area I found was that the guitar was pre-stringed and out of tune. During the course of the first tuning, the high E string snapped, presumably due to budget strings being fitted. I have now re-strung the guitar with Rotosound Yellows.

My Electric guitar setup

My Electric guitar setup

The Vintager AC108 amplifier is a 15-Watt vintage style guitar amp with a 12AX7 vacuum tube, a 2-band equaliser with mid-shift and an 8" speaker. The amp also has a headphone output and a CD input. The amp has a nice warm tone, however, there is quite a loud buzzing from the speaker, even with the guitar unplugged. I guess this is due to nature of the tube amp.

I'm going to be teaching myself to play the guitar using books, CDs and the internet. I've been learning for a few days now and I can play the first part of Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple and a few other simple riffs. I shall shortly be adding links to some tutorials that I have been following.

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