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Published 4th August 2013 by

Barn Owl Photography Day organised by the Barn Owl Centre, a UK charity for the rescue and rehabilitation of owls and birds of prey.

The Barn Owl Centre in Gloucester is a UK charity who provides a sanctuary and aid for the rescue and rehabilitation of owls and other birds of prey. These photographs were taken on a photographers day organised by the centre to support the work of the charity.

Our host for the day was Vince Jones, director of the charity and keen wildlife photographer, and he was always offering tips on how to get the best shots and make the most of the lighting and background.

First to fly was a Buzzard called Leighton, who after a slow start put on a great flying display for us going from the trees to perches and back to the trees or Vince, Juliette or Rhea. This allowed us to get great views of him taking off, flying and landing from various angles.

Next up was Kahn, a European Eagle Owl and much larger than Leighton making the photography easier. Kahn flew the most out of all the birds flown on the day and was joined halfway through my Turner, another Eagle Owl for some group shots.

After a break we did some static photography with some of the smaller owls - a Black Barn Owl; Willow, a Little Owl; Luna, a Barn Owl; and Ollie a Tawny Owl.

All in all a fantastic day and highly recommended.

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