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Published 7th December 2006 by

What is it about abnormal weather that causes everyone to turn into morons, drive like idiots and bring a whole city to a virtual standstill?

We had a heavy rainstorm the other day, with gale-force winds, and I wake up to find that the two main motorways are closed, major roads are blocked because of accidents and everybody else drives like a loony. On my way home it was even worse - storms had brought down power lines causing street lights and traffic lights to go out. So if the traffic lights on a roundabout do not work, what do you do? Push out in front of other cars because my lights should be green now and I've got a bigger car? Or do you treat it like a roundabout (which it is) and give way to the right? Most drivers in Bristol favour the first option, which created even more accidents and delays. One radio station reported that it was the worst rush hour he had ever seen in ten years of reporting and proceeded to list the roads that were moving because it was quicker that listing all the incidents. My journey home usually takes 20 minutes; today it took over two hours.

With a little common sense and thought this could have been avoided by adapting driving to suit conditions. Morons.

So the day started early as im on shift at 6.15am and luckily there was little traffic on the roads, which is just as well as driving conditions are very poor, but as per usual, most drivers carry on as normal regardless of driving conditions. Not even three minutes from my house, I saw one car tailgating another - dangerous even under perfect conditions. Later on, there are cars speeding through country lanes with only sidelights and the idiots driving with full beams AND fog lights on full.

This fog also highlighted a flaw in the Ford Ka design, which I had first picked up on driving in the dark for the first time, and that is the headlights don't work. They seem to light up the area either side of the car, and above the car, but not the road, even on full beam, I can only see 2 metres. In my Honda Civic full beams would allow me to see cats eyes on the road far into the distance, and give good visibility of the road surface for about 10 metres in front. In the Ka in the fog, any lights just illuminate the fog, not the road, making driving especially difficult. I don't think I even exceeded 30mph this morning.

I also heard on the radio that two of the roads I use were closed due to flooding and there was an accident on the motorway causing tailbacks, so I went another way. Just the other side of a small village is a river, which had burst its banks and flooded the road for about 20m. There was already a car in the road which had broken down and been abandoned. Since this was my only route left open I proceeded to enter the flood waters. About half way across, some blithering idiot in a 4x4 (obviously he has seen Jeremy Clarksons Toybota), decided not to slow down or drive carefully and just ploughed through the water, causing a wave that went over the roof of the car in front me and over my car. Which sprung a leak. Thanks. Yet another moron who is incapable of adapting to road conditions.

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