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Published 16th August 2009 by

A strange dream last night... I was with a bunch of unknown people in a strange cartoonish house. It had yellow walls, blue floor and the door was a wooden half door, painted yellow with a shutter in the top half. We were hiding in the house from something outside.

There is a knock knock at the door... I opened the shutter and looked out. There is a giant brain outside, and at that moment I know it's what we have been hiding from. I try and shut the shutter but it is already trying to force it's way inside, throbbing and trying to squeeze through the hole.

Brain Spawn

Brain Spawn


At that point I wake up in a cold sweat, throbbing pounding headache right at the very top of my head, the right-hand side of my face and neck are cramping and spasming together with numbness and pins and needles in my right hand. Only lasted for a few seconds, but felt like my brain was trying to get out of my head through a tiny little hole.


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