Learn Astronomy

Learn the basics of astronomy with historical background and an introduction to the basic astronomy concepts, details about planets, satellites, asteroids, comets and meteors. Also learn the history of Astronomy from its origins in the religious, mythological, and astrological practices of prehistory through to modern astronomy.

Seven Wonders of the Universe

A look at the Seven Wonders of the Universe, from the Big Bang to Superdense Stars we check out the wonders of the universe.
- 14th Oct, 2019

Advanced Telescopes That Give Us Different Perspectives Of Space

A look at 5 of the most advanced telescopes that have (or will) give us a different perspective of our view of the Universe.
- 1st Aug, 2019

What Causes the Earth's Magnetic Field?

Just where did our protective magnetosphere come from? We take a look at the Earth's magnetic field and how it interacts with the Sun.
- 13th Jul, 2019

Interacting Galaxies - Galaxy Mergers and Collisions

Galaxy mergers occur when two galaxies collide and are the most violent of galaxy interactions. The result is the creation of new galaxies.
- 27th Jun, 2019

5 Radio Telescope Discoveries That Are Significant In Astronomy

Since radio telescopes were developed, significant discoveries have been made. Here we list 5 amazing radio telescope discoveries.
- 1st Apr, 2019

All About Telescope Eyepieces, Magnification, Eye Relief, Field of View

Telescope Eyepieces are a vital part of any telescope and key to providing magnification. We look at the different types and how they work.
- 23rd Jul, 2018

What is Black Body Radiation?

All objects are continually absorbing and emitting infrared radiation. Black bodies are perfect absorbers and emitters of radiation.
- 5th Mar, 2016

What is Energy? Energy Stores and Transfers Explained

Energy underpins every process in the universe, so let's take a look at where it comes from, the processes involved and what energy does.
- 23rd Feb, 2016

How to Use Star Charts, Planispheres and Star Hopping

Tips on how to use star charts, finding objects using celestial coordinates, angular distance, what are arc minutes and arc seconds?
- 15th Jul, 2015

The Next Generation of Deep-Space Telescopes

With Hubble now approaching the end of its scientific life, we take a look at the most exciting prospects of future space telescopes.
- 2nd Jul, 2015