Astronomy is an infinitely captivating subject and the oldest of the natural sciences. It is one of the few areas of science that amateurs can assist professionals and directly contribute to science. Astronomy is the scientific study of the contents of entire Universe, stars, planets, comets, asteroids, galaxies, and space and time, as well as its history. If you're starting out in Astronomy and looking at the sky at night, the contents of this site will guide you through what you can see at night as well as equipment advice, observation tips and tutorials. The astronomy articles cover the types of objects you can see and illustrate some basic astronomy concepts which are important to learn. You can also find several astronomy DIY projects which you can build yourself.

Skywatcher StarTravel 102 EQ1

I have just bought another telescope, a short tube Skywatcher StarTravel 102 refractor which is a lot smaller than my 200mm reflector.
- 7th Jun, 2007

The Solar System and Planets Factsheet

A guided tour of the solar system from the Sun to the Oort Cloud stopping off at the major attractions along the way like the asteroid belt.
- 5th Mar, 2007