Astronomy is an infinitely captivating subject and the oldest of the natural sciences. It is one of the few areas of science that amateurs can assist professionals and directly contribute to science. Astronomy is the scientific study of the contents of entire Universe, stars, planets, comets, asteroids, galaxies, and space and time, as well as its history. If you're starting out in Astronomy and looking at the sky at night, the contents of this site will guide you through what you can see at night as well as equipment advice, observation tips and tutorials. The astronomy articles cover the types of objects you can see and illustrate some basic astronomy concepts which are important to learn. You can also find several astronomy DIY projects which you can build yourself.

What Causes the Earth's Magnetic Field?

Just where did our protective magnetosphere come from? We take a look at the Earth's magnetic field and how it interacts with the Sun.
- 13th Jul, 2019

The Big Bang - The Beginning of Everything

We look at what the Big Bang theory is, the evidence we have for the theory and what the future may hold for the universe.
- 9th Jul, 2019

Interacting Galaxies - Galaxy Mergers and Collisions

Galaxy mergers occur when two galaxies collide and are the most violent of galaxy interactions. The result is the creation of new galaxies.
- 27th Jun, 2019

Using Setting Circles on Your Telescope To Find Objects

If you have an equatorial mount, being able to use its setting circles will help quickly find objects in the night sky without computers.
- 4th Jun, 2019

Hypergiant Stars: The Most Massive Stars in the Universe

Hypergiant stars are the live-fast, die-young rock stars of the universe, burning millions times brighter than the Sun and burn out quickly.
- 20th Apr, 2019

5 Radio Telescope Discoveries That Are Significant In Astronomy

Since radio telescopes were developed, significant discoveries have been made. Here we list 5 amazing radio telescope discoveries.
- 1st Apr, 2019

Did Johannes Kepler Plot the Death of Tycho Brahe?

Tycho Brahe died suddenly more than 400 years ago and there's been a mystery around if he fell victim to natural causes or was murdered.
- 25th Feb, 2019

Lunar Eclipse Guide: When and How to See the Blood Moon

Lunar Eclipse viewing guide on what causes lunar eclipses, how to get the best views of a lunar eclipse and how to photograph a eclipse.
- 27th Jul, 2018

All About Telescope Eyepieces, Magnification, Eye Relief, Field of View

Telescope Eyepieces are a vital part of any telescope and key to providing magnification. We look at the different types and how they work.
- 23rd Jul, 2018

Steven Hawking - The Man Behind the Computerized Voice

Stephen Hawking, English physicist and author, the man with the computerized voice, died peacefully at his Cambridge home in 2018 aged 76.
- 14th Mar, 2018