Astronomy is an infinitely captivating subject and the oldest of the natural sciences. It is one of the few areas of science that amateurs can assist professionals and directly contribute to science. Astronomy is the scientific study of the contents of entire Universe, stars, planets, comets, asteroids, galaxies, and space and time, as well as its history. If you're starting out in Astronomy and looking at the sky at night, the contents of this site will guide you through what you can see at night as well as equipment advice, observation tips and tutorials. The astronomy articles cover the types of objects you can see and illustrate some basic astronomy concepts which are important to learn. You can also find several astronomy DIY projects which you can build yourself.

Halley's Comet - 1P/Halley - Facts & History of the Most Famous Comet

Halley's Comet periodically passes Earth every 75 years and has been seen for centuries. It was last seen in 1986 and will again near 2062.
- 13th Jan, 2021

The Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis

What are the Northern Lights? When and where can you see the Northern Lights? How often do you see the Northern Lights?
- 27th Nov, 2019

Smartphone Astrophotography - How To Capture The Night Sky With Your Phone

Guide to Smartphone Astrophotography so you can photograph the night sky with your smartphone camera connected to a telescope.
- 13th Nov, 2019

How to Attach Your Smartphone or Camera to Telescope

A look at the various methods for connecting smartphones, compact and DLSR's camera to telescope for astrophotography.
- 7th Nov, 2019

Regions and Features of the Sun

Do you usually wonder what the sun is made of? Well, read about the features of the sun and their importance.
- 30th Oct, 2019

What Early Astronomers Did For Us

Early astronomers performed methodical observations of the night sky, and astronomical artefacts have been found from much earlier periods.
- 21st Oct, 2019

Seven Wonders of the Universe

Who needs pyramids and hanging gardens when you can have quasars and supernovae. When it comes to wonders, the Universe holds the aces.
- 14th Oct, 2019

Using a Telescope Finderscope to Navigate the Nights Sky

How to use the tiny telescope finders that came with you big telescope to help locate celestial objects in the sky.
- 19th Sep, 2019

How does Space Weather Affect The Earth?

Find out about the different elements of space weather and how environmental conditions in space affects the Earth.
- 8th Sep, 2019

Advanced Telescopes That Give Us Different Perspectives Of Space

A look at 5 of the most advanced telescopes that have (or will) give us a different perspective of our view of the Universe.
- 1st Aug, 2019