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Published 10th May 2009 by

This is one of my more detailed (and quite technical) dreams which revolved around an alien invasion triggered by the testing of a new stealth plane.

In my dream I am living on a military air force base, which is kind of terraced, with the factories, hangars, runway and so on at the bottom; barracks on the next level up, a few more levels with research and development and at the top (where I was) is the officers barracks.

I'm stood at the top of the terrace overseeing the taxing and take-off of a new aircraft. It's using a new type of engine similar to anti-gravity and a kind of pulse jet thruster. Anyway, it takes off normally and once airborne the anit gravity drive is activated. This allows the craft to hover at any altitude with minimal sound or disturbance. The jet thrusters are used to control the direction and thrust.

As the craft is put through its paces in a series of acrobatics, at one point it is hover/flying directly upwards when something happens to the engines. All of a sudden a strange kind of portal opens up above the craft with lightning spewing out and the craft is sucked in. The sky turns a reddish colour and the portal turns more vortex like. Clouds and lightning obscure the sky and the whole landscape become shrouded in a red glow.

As we all stand around wondering what has happened the craft appears again, this time at the opposite side of the base. We hear over the radio that an engine malfunction created a wormhole to another dimension and brought them back in exactly the same place as they left. The rotation of the Earth and its motion around the sun caused the offset in position.

Unfortunately, as our craft entered this other dimension it opened up a rift which allows the aliens through to our world. A large battle ensues during which the alien fleet is repelled and the portal closed (by unknown means).

I then wake up.

The next day while browsing the internet writing an article on one of my other sites, I came across this picture of a new NASA aircraft. To my complete and utter astonishment, this new craft bears more than a passing resemblance to the one featured in my dream.

There are several key differences, most importantly mine was a lot larger (compatible to a Hercules), had a cockpit and crew of 4 and a rear loading cargo area like the Hercules.

Both planes share the same overall shape, both are black and both use new engine technologies. I am not conscious of ever seeing this prototype design, however, I must have seen it on TV and not registered the fact.

The alien invasion was very similar to those of the Half-Life computer game and the whole series of events, including the wormhole, were probably brought on due to a few to many pints of Bath Gems and a drunken conversation with my brother in law about gravity, the speed of light and wormholes.

It's amazing what our minds come up with sometimes!

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