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Published 21st July 2010 by

Another strange dream last night, this time combining two recurring themes... the girl and the invasion.

It all starts on a summers day in a large park somewhere. I'm out with some friends and a girl. She is wearing what looks like a beauty salon tunic and has a name badge, although I can't read what's on it. We were quite happy walking together in the park when someone starts chasing us. As we run through the park we get to a motocross circuit and are now chased by some kind of futuristic police/military officer riding a motocross bike. We head off through a hedge and over a wall and loose him.

All of a sudden we are in a shopping mall. She has to go to one of the stores (like Boots) to get some things so I hang around outside while she's in there. When she comes out we find ourselves back in the park at the top of a hill. We can look down and see people running around playing, having picnics and so on. As we watch, four large alien spacecraft "warp" into the sky.

My first reaction is to hold my girl very close and watch what's going on. Almost as soon as the ships arrive they launch hundreds of fighter craft which swarm around the crowd below and start shooting. I take my girl by the hand and we start running, and as we do we find ourselves in an old abandoned building, kind of Victorian-ish. We hide in there together for a while until the noise outside has ceased. When we come out we see the city (an unknown city) in a kind of post-apocalyptic state. There are military police patrolling the streets and there are lots of roadblocks and checkpoints. We head back into the building and I woke up.



Unknown, please advise

Dreams about invasion represent a need to be more assertive and to stand up for yourself and let your voice be known. To dream of the apocalypse, signifies an emotional and dramatic change taken place within. The dream may also indicate the end of one kind of lifestyle and the beginning of another.

21 thoughts on “My Alien Invasion Dream
  • 20th December 2020 at 4:55 pm

    I had a dream about an alien invasion this feels like the same dream I’ve had before Im the past. I’m currently 7 1/2 months pregnant the alien invasion took place at my grandparents old neighborhood. I don’t know where my dream started sometime I know sometimes I don’t. I only remember bits and pieces. I woke up to use the restroom so what I’m about to say is where I left off. It was me some girl I’ve never seen and my daughter idk why my son was not in the dream but we were trapped in the house and had to barricade the bedroom door but we saw that it wouldn’t work so we used all of our force to hold the door shut while the alien tried to pry his way in it was strong so the girl got out and found is another exit I hid under the bed with my daughter until the coast was clear we ran to the cars parked behind the house tried the first car it didn’t work then we jumped in a red Ford truck next thing you know my auntie comes flying around the corner and that was the end of my dream because I woke up.

  • 5th October 2020 at 8:00 am

    So I just had an invasion dream... Woke up in a little panic.. checked the phone for any breaking news..nothing.. so I typed into Google that I had a alien invasion dream then found this page... So here's my dream... It starts off I'm on a pirate looking ship crossing the vast ocean... It's just the crew and a few people with out faces , and then my mother,one of my brother's and me..we started getting chases by another ship on the water... When it pulled up next to us(we couldn't outrun it) the captain order to get the cannons ready .as everybody was doing there part and the cannons hanging out the side of the ship the other ship moved away .. really quick in fact side ways and quick... Then as I looked forward I noticed the seas where ruff and stormy ... Then my dream jumped forward I jumped off the ship as my feet hit the ground I was in some kind of Hollywood movie set... There was heaps of props and random movie stuff... But no ship or ocean? .. any way I remember being confused in my dream about this and just kept on walking I went down this hill and walked for a few minutes in this strange town kind of old buildings...any way got to like a city style apartments but old and rough..went up stairs to a door with the number 21 on it? Hope this doesn't represent 2021 lol ... Any way I walk inside there's my mother unpacking boxes ..like she just moved in.... We start talking but are interrupted , my brother walks in from another room, the dream then jumps forward again... My brother and I are walking up this little hill ... The same one I walked down earlier, we come to a two laned road , as we Stood there chatting I found myself asking my brother where are we , as I was looking at the tree and the sky... Be turned to me and said Texas ? Don't know why I dreamed that up I live in Australia? Any how we head across the road , we end up standing out side this building/factory, my brother puts on his high vis shirt ready to go to work, which was where I arrived off the ship but I didn't recognised it , it was strange to me in the dream also but wasn't spoken about? So as my brother was about to go to work we hear this big explosion, people are running around everywhere ... Then the ground was shaking so like earth quake...I looked at my brother and said we need to go as we ran we ended maybe a block or two from the explosion... Then there was this most horrific noise kinda like from "war of the world's) it was so load and scary. I hear people saying what's that up there ... My brother and I looked up in horror... Some kind of alien space ship flying above us darting around between buildings , going forward then back left,and right... As I'm watching this thing dart around I noticed that there was some kind of mechanical eye scanning and looking everywhere, I took great notice of the ship and it was surely something of beauty but the way it moved it wasn't whole as such.. it had these shapes moving constantly around the big mechanical eye thing.. not attached but moving freely... Yet there were some kind of light and Sparkes between the segments of the shapes as it moved...and it left the most beautiful light trails... I looked back at my brother and said we have to get mum .. he agreed .. we starting running towards her house then there where fissures opening up everywhere... I looked at my brother and said let's hurry up he agreed... As I crossed the streets I look back and my brother is gone... There's people running everywhere where he was , the a fissure open up where he was swallowing people around it... I froze and called out to him a couple times then wiped away my tears and kept heading to my mum's...( Even in the dream I was so convinced that it was real and not a dream the sounds, the smells, the magnitude of everything happening around me felt so realistic and I was generally scared) so I'm on my way to my mum's this where the dream gets weird , I see this man attacking random people with a knife , to me didn't seem out of place cause if the world's was being attacked there be people doing dump stuff you know... But as the dream progresses I can't find my ms house as it all looks the same plus I'm frantic... Then I see that guy again this time he noticed me and starts chasing me... ( Now this is wired as hell) I noticed he had a shirt on but no pants he was holding a big knife and around his I'm well pecker lol 😂 he had like a Frankfurt skin around it it was red and stood out but the guy's face was a blurry... So I was running home and he was giving chase then I seen my mum's place as I jumped up the stairs ( so the apartment houses where all shaken and falling apart cause of the earthquake and fissures opening up so the building was in a rough shape) as I pulled myself up the guy jumped up behind me with the knife nearly stabbing me.. we had a little struggle then I kicked him in the pecker and he fell... I got up and turn to the door of my mum's but the ground on ether side was gone... Just the foot path not the building... So I ran and leaped to my mum's doorstep as I stood up and saw the number 21 on my mum's door I looked left and right and where the doors for the other house read 20 on the left and 22 on the right and the ground was missing Infront of them doors but the 21 was fine? So I rushed in and found my mum.... Which didn't seem to notice all this chaos going on ... She seen I was freaked out ... Running to the window looking out side.. she asked where my brother was and I started crying and explaining that I lost him I don't know what happen.... Then I grappled my mother withmy hands on her shoulders and told her what I've seen... That aliens are real and there here and attacking us or want something (and this bit woke me up)... I looked into my mother's eyes and said "it's real it's not a dream.. it's not a dream ..there here we're not dreaming this is real I seen it with my own eyes" then I woke up... Which I was freaking out about and got on Google? But that last statement about it's not a dream I seen with my own eyes... Felt so real that I really believed this dream and it scared me so much I woke up...? Stuffed up right?

  • 18th September 2020 at 1:44 pm

    I've had many alien invasion dreams, but I wouldn't exactly call the ones I've had alien invasion. They merely show up in the sky and the way our government reacts and handles things is what sets our bleak circumstances in motion.

    Last nights dream is that I was with some friends (who I don't know in this life) and we are in a parking area near my car and I see a man in the near distance and he's got shaggy hair, white shirt, black shorts and unusually a black brief case. He hangs his legs over a railing of a parking structure dangling above the ground and then allows himself to fall to his death. So I call the police and people start to gather wondering what happened and why this man would do such a thing. Then all of a sudden a siren goes off, much like a tornado siren as well as everyone's phones start to alert them to immediately go back to and inside their homes. We can't make calls, our phones are now useless. So we all start running to get home since there's too many cars on the road and although it was also a sunny day the sky turned dark and as I was running and seeing people looting stores I see a gigantic space ship hovering over in the near distance. I take off running to get home but I'm also dodging and hiding trying to avoid being detected. They never shot anyone to my knowledge but they were scanning with beams of light. In my dream no one got hurt but it was the reaction of the people that was so scary. Worry of "do we have enough food, and people looking for family members and in drastic cases staying with complete strangers until they could get back with their families or friends and to their own homes. The homes seemed different like you could just walk through almost like something in Greece that's open air entrances into the homes. Seemed slightly futuristic. Anyway, the aliens I did see were humanoid and wearing uniforms but were just observing people not harming. I don't have time to write the rest but wanted to contribute my dream. Thank you for reading.

  • Mandi
    30th July 2020 at 12:41 pm

    So, I’ve had dreams of alien invasions before, but nothing that I really remembered. Last night I had four, back to back, and the only one I remember is the last one. My husband woke me up and instantly told him about it.

    Some back story to this dream, I guess: I’m the second oldest of 10, so when I say some of my siblings, that’s why.

    In my dream, we were in a city almost like New York City. My family all lived on the same block in different apartments and we were all together at one point, outside. It was a bright pretty day (like a lot of you have mentioned), and then all of a sudden it’s just me, my older sister, her husband and their three kids. I don’t know where everyone else went. But me my sister notice the sky greying and we look up and see these massive spaceships. At first they don’t do anything, but I get a terrible gut feeling and tell my sister, BIL, and kids to run! As we start running, this spaceship starts shooting at the people running in the opposite direction of us. I don’t see what they do to the bodies, but I know they’re collecting them. When we finally get back to my apartment, we (my whole family this time, minus my husband who isn’t the the dream at all?) are looking out the window and realize that the spaceships are now going around and scanning people. And it’s a random scan that paralyzes people.

    I don’t know how, but in the dream I remember telling my family that there’s a secret underground bunker in my apartment complex that no one knows about except for me (go figure). So I rush all of my family down to this bunker and we camp out every day around the same times the invasions are over. The aliens look human. There’s one part of the dream where I’m trying to get my brother billy and his twins down to the bunker, and we end up getting chased. We almost make it to the bunker and that’s when my husband woke me up.

    Have you ever gotten so scared that your whole body tingles? I woke up like that. The dream doesn’t sounds very scary, but I woke up and my body was so anxious...

  • Kevin
    11th June 2020 at 11:31 am

    First and foremost I am making a huge change in my life back to Christianity. I have had doomsday dreams in the past. Past ones I remember alien motorcycles with aliens riding them that dont look like us. Bigger monster looking things. I’ve had versions of this dream where I hid under a cop car, and their feet stopped at me and before they got me I woke up. I’ve had versions of this dream where there are planes in the sky straight shooting down rapid fire. This one was crazy. I was in an amusement park with a girl. We transitioned out of the park and into a tall building. The scariest part of the dream was the fact that I saw the lady from the movie Inception get all surprised that she reconnected with her neice. We ran away ran away all dream and I woke up said a prayer and checked my phone to make sure there wasnt any breaking news. Turns out the news had young people dying on it from various things. Very Sad. Part of me feels like its going to happen one dAy this dream and part of me is not concerned because Jesus paid for our lives & God has a plan for everyone to make it to Heaven. The Aliens who said there is no God are atheist just like atheist people. There are good & bad aliens. Lets just say a prayer for the aliens that they work things out & they dont decide to invade the earth!

  • 6th June 2020 at 4:18 am

    hi there, i had a dream about alien invasion just an a hour ago. first off, i was at my old school which i went to for 6 years. the dream started off as a sunny and bright day. that dream consisted of my two friends and other friends but they were blurred out. i was trying to find my cat(but i dont have a cat in reality) it was a fat cat that i carry like a baby while going around the school, then all of a sudden i found myself running at the stairs back and forth, i was trying to find the cat, then after running back and forth i finally found the cat. after that, i went to the classroom which was my classroom when i was in grade 3. so was carrying the cat again, and then there was my two old friends chatting, i kinda don't remember what they chatted about now, but the fact that i saw them so clearly for a moment reamins. after that i found myself and some other people on some kind of place that let's us see the sky so well. i think it was a spaceship or something, so there at the sky i saw the moon, no clouds, 2 UFO's(the circle spaceship) and then on the other side, it had a big, a very big warp gate, and then it was as if they were trying to build a gian thing, it was like it was drawn.. do you know how to draw a body? the sequence of it, the ones that artist use, the pentagon for the upper part. any way that moment my vision increased again, i saw all of it so clearly. the weirdest part is that i knew the meaning of the giant thing so well, and the one beside me talked about how to fight against the aliens, then after the moment we talked about our parts, one staff of that ship came passing by behind us, then the girl beside me took some kind of marble off the hat of that staff and thenshe said "this way they won't understand us" something like that. then i started walking around the ship, it was all black outside. then scenes came flashing at me, women were being raped by the aliens, and an alien guy who was putting needles in his fingers, i was creeped out cause he laughed, it was like he had a grudge towards humans. then that was when the dream ended. i was awoken by the sound of the door.

  • 10th May 2020 at 3:59 am

    To start off I am a very vivid and lucid dreamer, I have never dreamt of an Alien Invasion until this day. My dream started off on a bright sunny day. I was living with three of my aunts and my grandpa back at my childhood home, at first it seemed nothing out of the ordinary. My grandpa was cooking steak on the grill In the front lawn while I was in my aunts room accompanied by two of my family members. I also have two dogs which for some reason only one of them seemed to be in my dream. After some time has passed, there was a huge Alien Spacecraft that crashed onto a nearby house, it was shaped like an extremely large ice cream cone except it looked very out of this world and seemed to be built with alien material consisting of white and grey matter. If anything it had the same texture as the star wars death stars ship. Anyways as im looking out the window I am completely freaked out whilst my Family seems to not be scared about the Alien ship that had just crash landed near to our home. Now at first I thought that was it and didnt expect the following to happen... While we all went outside to see the cone like structure, I noticed in the sky bunched up alien ships that look exactly how it was in the picture above. These ships were very visible and I can vividly remember every detail and texture from both the cone structure and the ships that seemed to be very high in the sky as if it was still in space looking down at our earth. Now at this point it starts shooting more cone like structures around my house and nobody in my family is seeming to care, they instead went back to cooking and doing their regular things and took the spacecraft out of their minds. After that I went to take my dog out of the front lawn to the backyard so he wouldn’t escape anywhere into the streets. After doing so, my aunt brought all of us to the backyard to talk about the alien ships, she talked about how the U.S government is responding to the ships in the sky, when all of a sudden a giant barrel like structure shot out from the sky and caused a huge explosion to our nearby mall. We were all afraid and confused on what was happening now, then it seemed like my Aunt got on the phone with somebody and after a few seconds I watched in horror as her facial expressions dropped to a mere expression of fear. She told us to get into our rooms and to tightly lock up the house before hiding. Without question I quickly maneuvered to the back door and rushed everyone inside of the house. I noticed a dusk cloud surrounding and reaching our house which I assumed was from the explosion. Anyways as we get into the house I attempt to bring my dog into the house to protect him from the outside but as im about to grab his collar I hear a loud whistling noise that got closer and closer and closer to which I just ultimately woke up from the dream without any explanation on what that whistling noise came from. I assume it was something that hit our house and killed us all, but I dont really know for sure. This dream will definitely be on my mind for some time.

  • 30th December 2019 at 11:29 pm

    I feel like some day they will sure come to earth. The whole human races will face that incident I dnt know what will happen but I am sure they will come oneday. Its not normal to see same dream then and again with same information I feel very weird. The sky full of UFOs with blue lights. I see in dream they have weak points too and that is lights but not common lights like we usually use or see it's very different like kind of x ray light something like that..one even said me that there is no God u r kept in false world by ur people its late. Goosebumps I will never forget that dream ever in my life. Trust me I am not one who have time to usually explore internet but now I am exploring and finding people ple who blv them and seeing same dream as me

    • 17th January 2020 at 5:22 pm

      I ALWAYS dream of alien invasions. But last night, it really freaked me out! I was at a huge fest in my city with food vendors and live music. Alien ships appeared in the sky, then complete chaos. They were going after women, abducting them, and getting them pregnant. Some of the Dr's were also abducted and forced to artificially incemenate women. I finally found a Dr & a few nurses that figured how to remove the alien 👽 fetus w/o killing the woman, and I wanted it out of me. I woke up while we were stealing an ambulance, that was used to terminate pregnancies. I was with my 2younger children and a friend with his infant son, on my way home to get my shotgun & shells!!!
      What does it all mean?? Thought I was the only alien invasion dreamer!
      I once had a dream of fighting a war in New York City on metal planks of a destroyed high rise building... Some time later, 9/11 happened.
      Do people have strange dreams that have already come true????

    • 3rd August 2020 at 7:43 pm

      What the hell guys!

      I had a dream about aliens invading the earth just last night!
      (In my dream) I remember looking up and seeing an almost bugle shaped spacecraft, hovering above me, orange in colour.

      The next moment it opens up and hundreds of smaller crafts comes out so fast!
      then in like 2 seconds there were these creatures that have bodies like humans, but faces of something else.

      Then! Poof! im in my moms house!( which is 8 hours away in reality)
      And its only the two of us in the house when these things crashed through the roof.
      I looked at her and say theres nothing I can do.
      One of the creatures comes running up to me holding out a staff and say,
      Take it!
      There was some sort of electronic device at the end of the staff and he wanted me to open my hand so he can brand me with it!(wtf)
      I can hear the explosions outside, people screaming! just bloody chaos!

      They branded me and then they left.

      And then I woke up.

  • 24th August 2019 at 3:33 am

    I dont know how late i am but I've been having dreams like this for years but most recently i had a dream concerning something im not sure what but then all of a sudden it turns to this grim scene of these realistic jagged edge something out of real live UFOs to say blazing hell fire on earth everyones screaming scared mithers running leaving babies complete chaos, dream after that started the same way but when it skiped to the alien part they were making contact with the government on national tv everyone was on egde worldwide and the left on what seems to be good terms i never say what they looked like in my dream, the last dream now was today i dreamt that me and my baby daddy went out to an indoor swimming pool something happened and we got caught up in a fight with the other family that was there we then stole a ihace bus my sister appeared in there for some reason we reached an unfamiliar location realised that the police was after him he jumped out left us we jumped out too while walking with my pack of cigs n a liqour of sort my slippers fell off my foot when i turned back there was the police man with dogs in my face asking questions they let me and my sister go anyway we reached my real life house and when i looked up i saw what can a only be described as the same jagged edge man made realistic space craft with what looks like satellite upside down the circle or rings at the top with the long nose pointing down beside then another t like shaped ship next to it descending slowly from the clouds one by one like they were observing then some lights flashed and they ascended back... My dreams appeared backwardd they came observed made contact then destroyed us

    • 30th December 2019 at 11:21 pm

      I see same dream twice a week. UFOs in sky attacking to human races. I see they want to rule in earth or make us obey their rules. I see some are good who wants to protect and other wants to hunt us down. It's really scary dream. One is triangular in shape and others are round..some are like us exactly who wants to protect human race and other wants to hunt. Sometime I see repeating same dream.. What does that actually mean? I m so scared of such dream. Have u ever seen such dreams

      • 23rd March 2020 at 6:27 am

        I had this exact same dream as a child and I grew up without TV so it's not as if my brain got the information from something that I watched, or read or heard about. That was over 40 years ago and I still remember those recurring dreams.

  • 1st October 2017 at 12:00 am

    Almost same type of recurrent dream as described by Molly. Now it is the 2nd or3rd time. Swarms of ufo in the sky in an aggressive formation almost blocking the dusk sky. I visualise living with my family in a place I was at least 5-6 yrs back. Felt awestruck as well as helpless. As Molly explained, I realised that its a dream but have see it before in the same surroundings but now with a denser swarm of ufo aircraft.

  • 1st May 2014 at 12:00 am

    I had a similar dream just last night. The invading ships looked exactly like the one in your photo. Two of the were reported on the radio and minutes later they arrived and shut down all the vehicles on the road. Everyone scrambled and ran except my brother and I, we stayed and watched in awe. Not even what seemed like 2 minutes later one of our USA ufo's which was like nothing I have ever seen, most of the exterior looked like a gattlin gun, spinning and firing green rays at the enemy eventually taking then down. Later there were need broadcast that captured sounds and voices from the attack. The rest is blurry, just very strange that this is the only time I have ever had a dream this in depth, I was so interested in it that I wanted to see if anyone else had had this same dream. Maybe it serves as a message?

  • 4th April 2011 at 12:00 am

    Hey there - I've had some recurring dreams which I'd like to share.
    Some of them start with me being outside in a country park or very large park(not one I recognise from any real life experience).
    I am usually with my daughter and husband but not always. It's a nice day, the sky is clear and blue then suddenly we see a lot of alien ships in the sky - all different shapes and sizes some very small and flying around very fast - they are everywhere - the sky is littered with them. We all duck behind a grassy mound. The fear is intense and there's an overwhelming feeling of "oh fuck!!" and I always say the same thing "I've dreamt this!!" There is an awful feeling of doom,terror and hopelessness as we realise this is actually happening. At this point I always wake up.
    The other type of recurring dream begins with me at home and I hear a really loud noise in the air -I look up and there are hundreds of huge dark airforce aircraft flying overhead in the same direction. The sky is a blanket of planes loud and thundering overhead. It feels dark and ominous and we are sure that some huge conflict must be happening soon - We then see weird shaped aircraft that look alien and the skies darken. Again I say "Oh God I've dreamt this!!" And the fear is intense!!
    This dream sometimes starts with a night sky and we are watching the stars - as we watch we see that some of them are moving - not shooting stars but moving around the night sky independently - in some places they are clustering together and there are hundreds of them. At first it's really exciting and we can't believe what we are seeing - then as the dream goes on it gets more spooky and dark and then the airforce aircraft start flying over head and the dream shifts into that intense fearful "oh no!" place again!
    Am really hoping this is not a premonition! But I have had a few premonition dreams that have come true unfortunately - I dreamt about the Tsunami in India and it happened a week later! and there have been others that have come true. But on the other hand when I was younger I had recurring nightmares of Nuclear War and they never happened so fingers crossed! :-/

    • 27th January 2014 at 12:00 am

      So sorry, i know i am 3 years late to reply. But just in case somebody also finds this via google: Molly, i had the exact same dreams.. this is so weird.

    • 23rd March 2020 at 6:34 am

      Oh my goodness! I also had this exact same dream! Exactly as you described it! If a lot of people are having these same dreams does it mean something like this is going to happen?! This is one of the dreams. In another dream they are attacking and killing left and right, other space ships are taking people and fighting against the other aliens.

      • 26th March 2020 at 12:04 pm

        I've been having these recurring dreams too. Sometimes I'm fighting among a race that came to defend us from the evil alien race. Last night was different. I was in downtown Cincinnati in a street festival, some airplanes fly low all the time because the airport is nearby but this one was just decending right above us (maybe 800 feet or less) when I figured out it was not ordinary ship and ran as fast I could, i knew what was coming as i had similar dreams in the past. This invaders have some weird hunting predatory creatures that come and hunt us, mostly at night and their weak point is by their ears. They hate the cold weather and that why found myself running north. I've ran into this girl and group of friends (I've never seen any of these people in real life) but they didn't recognize me. The reason why is because for some reason I fought the same battle with their version in a parallel dimension. No wonder why they don't recognize me but the events down the road trigger some memories. Towards the end of the dream we are searching for an antidote for a weird virus created by them to aid with the process of elimination and make their hunting more fun with those that survive the virus. The antidote is on a yellow flower that grows wildly in the northern parts of the great lakes.

  • 17th November 2010 at 12:00 am

    Hi, I found your website the same as the last person, except this is the first time I've ever had such a dream, where did it come from? The thing about it was I got the feeling of being small relative to the sheer size of the invasion. The images were very clear, I mean I could redraw the ships I saw, and they werent like your average egg-shaped ships that we see so often in pictures of UFOs, but flat and a kind of rusty colour. I had the feeling that in that moment everything about our existence on this planet changes, I think that was the strongest feeling, how would we deal with such an actual experience if it ever happened?

  • 9th September 2010 at 12:00 am

    Searching the net for answers about this subject and came across this.
    I have had a recurring dream about alien invasion roughly 10 times throughout my life. Each time it's a little different but always starts out at the same place, my parent's front yard. It always leaves me with a weird feeling the next day. Had it again the other night and low and behold I am about to invoke a lifestyle change. I hate to admit that there's some creedance to this interpretation. I have turned over a new leaf many times in my life so it seems plausible to me that this is the reason for this dream. Oh well, I thought maybe it was a premonition but thank God it's not. Those dreams are always very disturbing. I wouldn't want to see that happen to earth.


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