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Another strange dream last night, this time combining two recurring themes... the girl and the invasion.

It all starts on a summers day in a large park somewhere. I'm out with some friends and a girl. She is wearing what looks like a beauty salon tunic and has a name badge, although I can't read what's on it. We were quite happy walking together in the park when someone starts chasing us. As we run through the park we get to a motocross circuit and are now chased by some kind of futuristic police/military officer riding a motocross bike. We head off through a hedge and over a wall and loose him.

All of a sudden we are in a shopping mall. She has to go to one of the stores (like Boots) to get some things so I hang around outside while she's in there. When she comes out we find ourselves back in the park at the top of a hill. We can look down and see people running around playing, having picnics and so on. As we watch, four large alien spacecraft "warp" into the sky.

My first reaction is to hold my girl very close and watch what's going on. Almost as soon as the ships arrive they launch hundreds of fighter craft which swarm around the crowd below and start shooting. I take my girl by the hand and we start running, and as we do we find ourselves in an old abandoned building, kind of Victorian-ish. We hide in there together for a while until the noise outside has ceased. When we come out we see the city (an unknown city) in a kind of post-apocalyptic state. There are military police patrolling the streets and there are lots of roadblocks and checkpoints. We head back into the building and I woke up.



Unknown, please advise

Dreams about invasion represent a need to be more assertive and to stand up for yourself and let your voice be known. To dream of the apocalypse, signifies an emotional and dramatic change taken place within. The dream may also indicate the end of one kind of lifestyle and the beginning of another.

7 thoughts on “My Alien Invasion Dream
  • 24th August 2019 at 3:33 am

    I dont know how late i am but I've been having dreams like this for years but most recently i had a dream concerning something im not sure what but then all of a sudden it turns to this grim scene of these realistic jagged edge something out of real live UFOs to say blazing hell fire on earth everyones screaming scared mithers running leaving babies complete chaos, dream after that started the same way but when it skiped to the alien part they were making contact with the government on national tv everyone was on egde worldwide and the left on what seems to be good terms i never say what they looked like in my dream, the last dream now was today i dreamt that me and my baby daddy went out to an indoor swimming pool something happened and we got caught up in a fight with the other family that was there we then stole a ihace bus my sister appeared in there for some reason we reached an unfamiliar location realised that the police was after him he jumped out left us we jumped out too while walking with my pack of cigs n a liqour of sort my slippers fell off my foot when i turned back there was the police man with dogs in my face asking questions they let me and my sister go anyway we reached my real life house and when i looked up i saw what can a only be described as the same jagged edge man made realistic space craft with what looks like satellite upside down the circle or rings at the top with the long nose pointing down beside then another t like shaped ship next to it descending slowly from the clouds one by one like they were observing then some lights flashed and they ascended back... My dreams appeared backwardd they came observed made contact then destroyed us

  • 1st October 2017 at 12:00 am

    Almost same type of recurrent dream as described by Molly. Now it is the 2nd or3rd time. Swarms of ufo in the sky in an aggressive formation almost blocking the dusk sky. I visualise living with my family in a place I was at least 5-6 yrs back. Felt awestruck as well as helpless. As Molly explained, I realised that its a dream but have see it before in the same surroundings but now with a denser swarm of ufo aircraft.

  • 1st May 2014 at 12:00 am

    I had a similar dream just last night. The invading ships looked exactly like the one in your photo. Two of the were reported on the radio and minutes later they arrived and shut down all the vehicles on the road. Everyone scrambled and ran except my brother and I, we stayed and watched in awe. Not even what seemed like 2 minutes later one of our USA ufo's which was like nothing I have ever seen, most of the exterior looked like a gattlin gun, spinning and firing green rays at the enemy eventually taking then down. Later there were need broadcast that captured sounds and voices from the attack. The rest is blurry, just very strange that this is the only time I have ever had a dream this in depth, I was so interested in it that I wanted to see if anyone else had had this same dream. Maybe it serves as a message?

  • 4th April 2011 at 12:00 am

    Hey there - I've had some recurring dreams which I'd like to share.
    Some of them start with me being outside in a country park or very large park(not one I recognise from any real life experience).
    I am usually with my daughter and husband but not always. It's a nice day, the sky is clear and blue then suddenly we see a lot of alien ships in the sky - all different shapes and sizes some very small and flying around very fast - they are everywhere - the sky is littered with them. We all duck behind a grassy mound. The fear is intense and there's an overwhelming feeling of "oh fuck!!" and I always say the same thing "I've dreamt this!!" There is an awful feeling of doom,terror and hopelessness as we realise this is actually happening. At this point I always wake up.
    The other type of recurring dream begins with me at home and I hear a really loud noise in the air -I look up and there are hundreds of huge dark airforce aircraft flying overhead in the same direction. The sky is a blanket of planes loud and thundering overhead. It feels dark and ominous and we are sure that some huge conflict must be happening soon - We then see weird shaped aircraft that look alien and the skies darken. Again I say "Oh God I've dreamt this!!" And the fear is intense!!
    This dream sometimes starts with a night sky and we are watching the stars - as we watch we see that some of them are moving - not shooting stars but moving around the night sky independently - in some places they are clustering together and there are hundreds of them. At first it's really exciting and we can't believe what we are seeing - then as the dream goes on it gets more spooky and dark and then the airforce aircraft start flying over head and the dream shifts into that intense fearful "oh no!" place again!
    Am really hoping this is not a premonition! But I have had a few premonition dreams that have come true unfortunately - I dreamt about the Tsunami in India and it happened a week later! and there have been others that have come true. But on the other hand when I was younger I had recurring nightmares of Nuclear War and they never happened so fingers crossed! :-/

    • 27th January 2014 at 12:00 am

      So sorry, i know i am 3 years late to reply. But just in case somebody also finds this via google: Molly, i had the exact same dreams.. this is so weird.

  • 17th November 2010 at 12:00 am

    Hi, I found your website the same as the last person, except this is the first time I've ever had such a dream, where did it come from? The thing about it was I got the feeling of being small relative to the sheer size of the invasion. The images were very clear, I mean I could redraw the ships I saw, and they werent like your average egg-shaped ships that we see so often in pictures of UFOs, but flat and a kind of rusty colour. I had the feeling that in that moment everything about our existence on this planet changes, I think that was the strongest feeling, how would we deal with such an actual experience if it ever happened?

  • 9th September 2010 at 12:00 am

    Searching the net for answers about this subject and came across this.
    I have had a recurring dream about alien invasion roughly 10 times throughout my life. Each time it's a little different but always starts out at the same place, my parent's front yard. It always leaves me with a weird feeling the next day. Had it again the other night and low and behold I am about to invoke a lifestyle change. I hate to admit that there's some creedance to this interpretation. I have turned over a new leaf many times in my life so it seems plausible to me that this is the reason for this dream. Oh well, I thought maybe it was a premonition but thank God it's not. Those dreams are always very disturbing. I wouldn't want to see that happen to earth.


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