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Published 5th November 2012 by

It's been a while since I last drove a car - my Mercedes broke down back in June and I've been riding my bike ever since. Now I have a new car ready for the bad winter weather.

My latest car is the rare and classic BMW E30 318IS saloon in Brillantrot (red). The 318IS was at the time targetted at the hot hatches and dubbed the 'baby M3', this particular model is only made for 2 years.

The 318IS came as standard with a 1.8 litre engine which was the most advanced, free revving engine of its time, LSD, sports suspension, anti-roll bars, power steering, electric windows, electric mirrors, de-chromed trim, M-tech steering wheel, leather gear knob and gaiter, front and rear spoilers 15" BBS alloy wheels and BMW sport seats.

If you wanted a higher spec than this then the only options were to spend out for the left-hand drive only M3 version, which some would argue is not so good having a larger, heavier 2.3-litre engine in the same chassis.

In 2001 the DVLA only had 1,687 318IS's registered in the UK, the number has since thought to of fallen to around 400 which is making the 318IS becoming more valuable and sought after.

It needed a little work when I bought it - it needed new sub frame mounts, inlet and vacuum pipes, coolant and fuel pipes as well as a full service and inspection. All healthy now, and an excellent example of a future classic!

BMW E30 318IS

BMW E30 318IS

One thought on “My New Car: 1990 BMW 318IS
  • 24th December 2019 at 9:34 am

    Hi Tim

    I am looking at a 318is its done 129k G reg E30 just like the one you have got . Just like you i always wanted this car
    the chap is selling it for £4300 is a that a good price, needs some work on it but i see these cars are rare and could be a great investment for the future

    The rev counter and temp guage not working, and some surface rust on the roof that needs to be looked at the body work is very good overall infact mint status. Its a collector and hes downsizing his collection.

    any help would be most welcome , yours looks amazing



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